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Thursday, February 26, 2015

DT Reboot Coming In 2017

If you're one of those people who, literally, for the past 25 years after the television series' release, have just now gotten the theme song out of your head, and you don't want to risk putting it back into your head by possibly saying the title once more, prepare to be triggered, because...DuckTales is coming back! A-whoo-oo!

Since the video game was re-mastered two years ago, it only seemed inevitable that the animated series would likewise be re-booted by the House of Mouse. No word yet as to whether the series will be traditionally animated like the original series or computer animated, but the reboot is expected to air on Disney XD in 2017, just in time for the series’ 30th anniversary.

Actually, rumor has it that footage for the new series has leaked onto the internet. Out of morbid curiosity, I decided to look it up for myself, and—wow, was I shocked! Seems like the animators are going for a hyper-realistic look, because the animation looks real enough that I swear it appears like real-life actors in costumes. It also looks like they’re going for a much darker atmosphere, to the point where it seems to be going in a direction most viewers wouldn’t want them to go.

If you’re just as morbidly-curious about the new series, and want to check out the leaked footage for yourself, click here. (Warning: Don’t really, because obvious joke is obvious. Do not, I repeat, do not click unless you want your childhood to be butt-raped. You have been warned! EXTREMELY NSFW!)