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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Next Dark Stallion Chapter Teaser

Guys, I sincerely apologize that I’m WAY late posting the latest chapter of my Dark Stallion fanfic. I had meant to have it posted before I left on my week-long vacation, but sadly, work and personal commitments kept me pre-occupied. And even after a week upon my return, the newest chapter is still in limbo.

I do promise that the next chapter is near completion and will be uploaded as soon as it is finished. In the meantime, to sate you appetite for the next chapter (and as a Valentine’s Day gift to show how much I love you all), here is a preview of things to come:
Within the ballroom, Gala guests scrambled here and there as they were chased and terrorized by the shadow ponies. While a few guests were able to hold their own and fight back, others were left defenseless by the onslaught, forced to either duck underneath tables or find safety in numbers.

One unfortunate stallion with a well-kept blonde mane found himself cowering against a pillar as three shadow ponies cornered him.

He fell to his knees and shielded his face as the three paced toward him. “Get back, you curs! My aunts will have your heads if you touch one hair of my glorious golden mane.”

He buried his head into his lap with both hooves over his head as the three shadow ponies leapt to pounce upon him.

Before any one of them could touch him, they were intercepted by a white and orange blur that promptly kicked them away.

When Prince Blueblood opened his eyes and looked up, he saw that it was Applejack and Rarity that had come to his rescue.

Upon Rarity’s shoulders rode Spike. As the shadow ponies picked themselves up, the baby dragon took a single leap, and with three puffs of breath, launched three fire balls at each pony, enveloping them in flame before they disappeared into purple smoke puffs.

Spike landed upon his feet and struck a pose alongside Apple Jack and Rarity.

“Spike uses fire blast,” he boasted. “It’s super effective.”

The Prince could only remain seated with his mouth hanging agape as he gazed upon his three saviors, one of which being a previous Gala escort that he had snubbed.

Rarity glanced upon him. “What’s the matter, prince? Afraid to get dirty?”

In another part of the ballroom, three other shadow ponies were about to pounce upon another pony. Unfortunately for them, this pony was pink and packing heat—specifically, a cannon. A party cannon!

With her party cannon in hand, Pinkie shot three blasts of confetti at the shadow ponies, causing them to disappear into purple clouds upon impact.

Pinkie Pie blew away the smoke rising from her party cannon. “Party cannon: never leave home without it.”

On the concert stage, Octavia and her bandmates were cowering in the back and shielding themselves with their instruments. Just then, a blue-haired unicorn sporting a hot pair of shades strode on stage. She pushed forward a pair of speakers that she aimed at the crowd.

Pinkie Pie took notice of her and began motioning to everyone in the room. “All right, every pony, take a seat! She’s got this!”

Apple Jack and Rarity could only raise an eyebrow.

“And who and what, pray tell, is that?” Rarity inquired.

“Oh, it’s no pony special,” Pinkie nonchalantly replied. “It’s just Vinyl Scratch and her—BASS CANNON!”

Vinyl Scratch punched a button on her speakers, causing them to open and reveal a larger speaker glowing blue and reverberating with an electronic beat.

As it glowed its brightest, the speaker released a blast of blue light that filled the entire room with a reverberating techno beat, knocking away everything in sight, including the shadow ponies, all whom disappeared into purple smoke clouds.

As the light and music subsided, the ballroom appeared in shambles from the impact. Curtains were rent, tables were overturned, and a large black streak appeared along the floor where the bass cannon was unleashed.

All of the guests had been knocked to the floor with their appeal messed up. This included Rarity, Apple Jack, and Pinkie—whose hair was as frizzled as the day she first gazed upon the Sonic Rainboom that gave her her cutie mark.

“Woot!” she cheered. “DJ Pon-3 to the rescue!”

Vinyl Scratch grinned, raised one lens of her sunglasses to reveal her red eye, and winked.

Rarity and Apple Jack brushed the dust off of their dresses.

“C’mon, ya’ll!” Apple Jack motioned to Rarity and Pinkie. “We have to get to the princesses and get those there Elements of Harmony. It’s the only way we can send those Shadow Clan goons home packing.”