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Monday, February 16, 2015

SATIRE: Marvel Turns Hulk Into Potato

Marvel Turns Incredible Hulk Into Potato, Re-Imagines Other Avengers

Thor's a woman. Captain America's black. Other Avengers will now be pointlessly changed.

Lyan Williams
Daily Bungle

The remaining Avengers cast is expected to receive the same pointless re-imaginings as have been received by Captain America and Thor, Marvel Comics announced in a press release last week.

Two Avengers characters had previously received makeovers, with Thor being turned into a woman, and Captain America turned into an African-American. Now the rest of the Avengers will follow suit and receive their own makeovers.

These proposed changes include turning Spider-man into an actual spider, turning Iron Man into a trashcan, turning Hawkeye into a unicorn, and turning the Incredible Hulk into a potato.

“That may sound ridiculous, but if we can get away with marketing a movie starring a talking gun-happy raccoon, then we can get away with turning the Hulk into a vegetable,” Marvel Comics Public Relations Manager Kor Presuit said in a phone interview. “Besides, green potatoes can be quite menacing if you eat them.”

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