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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SATIRE: Weed On Pentagon Grounds Proves Un-Killable

Weed On Pentagon Grounds Proves Un-Killable

One pesky weed has proven to be the biggest challenge currently facing the Pentagon outside of Al-Qaeda.

Kim Bei Fong
World Mud

The following article is a guest post from "The World Mud" and has been edited for style and grammar. The original article can be viewed here. For more articles, visit their deviantART page.

Military officials are speaking out today about an unsightly weed near the Pentagon that "just won’t die.”

The weed first became noticeable last July and had since stopped growing in November, yet for reasons unknown, it cannot be killed or even moved, one high-ranking military official stated.

The plant species of this weed has yet to be identified, but Pentagon officials have described it as a mix between kudzu and “that monster alien plant in B-movies that end up taking over the world.”

Pentagon custodial staff claimed they have tried all methods, both conventional and unconventional, to remove the weed, but all their attempts have proven futile.

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