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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Daily Pony: Happy Birthday, ex626AKAKeon

Sky wind vs Rainbow Dash by ex626AKAKeon on DeviantArt

Today is the 23rd birthday of ex626AKAKeon. He’s the original creator of Sky Wind, the pegasus OC whom I’m using in my Dark Stallion fanfic.

When I first came across his character years ago, I considered it a relief to see Rainbow Dash paired up in a shipping that wasn’t yuri. I found Sky Wind and his backstory really intriguing, yet I was disappointed that there was no real story for him.

That’s when I decided to use his character, along with Ninja-8004's character, Ninja Star, and an original character of my own, Xander, in a fanfiction, which, despite having been written years ago, is now only being published.

So far, even though I never asked for his permission, ex626AKAKeon. has given me his blessing, and has complimented me on my writing. Needless to say, it is quite the honor.

Anyway, to show my gratitude for this guy, I’m showcasing some of the artwork of his character from his gallery. (Just as a fair warning, if you wish to delve further into his gallery, you might encounter some artwork that could serve as spoilers if you haven’t read my fanfic.)

Surprise Smooches by ex626AKAKeon on DeviantArt

Gala Giggles by ex626AKAKeon on DeviantArt

A Reassuring Smile by ex626AKAKeon on DeviantArt

You Cheated by ex626AKAKeon on DeviantArt