Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Daily Pony: Kunoichi Fluttershy

Aw! Fluttershy looks so kawaii as a ninja. Considering how quiet and reclusive she can be, see very well might pull off the stealth required to be one. Also, she looks cute in matching ninja garb. :D

My Little Kunoichi: Fluttershy by Ninja-8004 on DeviantArt

This artwork was created by Ninja-8004, who is the original creator of Ninja Star, the pony ninja character that I’m using in my Dark Stallion fanfic. The character himself is actually a ponified version of another of his original characters, Maikeru Hirayama, and you can tell from his gallery that he has a certain reciprocal affection with little Fluttershy.

I can almost imagine Fluttershy dressing up like this during her training sessions with Ninja Star-kun. I can even imagine her wanting to soak in the hot springs with him after said training sessions—and considering his human counterpart's affection for the ladies, he very well would be more than willing to comply! ;)