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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Due Process For Rape? “LOL! No!” Says College Feminists

I’d have far more sympathy for feminists if they weren’t so eager to overthrow thousands of years of legal precedent for the sake of fighting their anti-rape crusade. When it comes to rape, their attitude is akin to that of the Queen of Hearts: “Sentence first, verdict afterwards.”

Consider these horrifying conclusions reached by one anti-rape college panel:
During the discussion, the rights of the accused were often called into question. All the panel members initially stated that people accused of crimes should have some rights, but that message quickly lost ground as the event unfolded.

The student who said she was raped described herself as “horrified” to discover that her accused rapist was given rights of due process from the university. She also claimed that a UW-Madison dean informed her that the system is set up to protect the rights of the accused, but declined to name the administrator who made these comments....

A woman who identified herself as a teaching assistant stood up and said she did not feel that the notion of innocent until proven guilty should apply to rape cases because it only helps protect the rights of the accused instead of the victim.

Only one of the panel members spoke out in disagreement with this statement. Klingele, the law professor, said that because she was a legal scholar, she had to disagree with this premise.
You know, feminists who truly believe that “innocent until proven guilty”—which has been the governing legal precedent of common law within Western civilization for millennia—“unfairly” stacks the legal system against the victim, then perhaps they should be willing to repeal this legal precedent for all crimes, not just rape.

When that happens, I really hope these feminists are never falsely accused of murder. If they are, the burden of proof would be on them to prove their innocence, not on their accuser to prove their guilt.

Better yet, why bother with murder trials at all? If someone is accused of murder, they must have committed the crime. Why else would someone accuse them of the crime if they never committed it? After all, as feminists keep telling us, we need to be willing to believe victims when they come forward. So let’s just get the hanging rope out and get the execution by lynch mob over with!