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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Honduras Ain’t No Libertarian Nightmare

Sheesh! Two anti-libertarian screeds published on Salon in a row? I know the website has a hate boner for libertarians, but they might want to visit their doctor if their erection is lasting long enough for them to ejaculate two anti-libertarian cream pies in a single week.

This most recent screed is titled “My libertarian vacation nightmare” (which I admit is a step up from the last screed’s title, which amounts to “Them Libertarians Is Big Fat Stinky Stupid Heads Who Love To Smell Their Own Farts!”) and was written by a former Ron Paul-loving libertarian, whom I’m fairly certain is just a nameless Democrat shill being paid to lie about being a former Paulite. You’d have to be to write nonsense drivel such as this:
In America, libertarian ideas are attractive to mostly young, white men with high ideals and no life experience that live off of the previous generation’s investments and sacrifice.  I know this because as a young, white idiot, I subscribed to this system of discredited ideas:  Selfishness is good, government is bad. Take what you want, when you want and however you can.  Poor people deserve what they get, and the smartest, hardworking people always win.  So get yours before someone else does.  I read the books by Charles Murray and have an autographed copy of Ron Paul’s “The Revolution.” The thread that links all the disparate books and ideas is that they fail in practice.  Eliminate all taxes, privatize everything, load a country up with guns and oppose all public expenditures, you end up with Honduras.
So his evidence that libertarianism doesn’t work is Honduras—a third world nation that ranks 116th in economic freedom and whose “overall score is lower than the world and regional averages”? Well, if libtard statists can insist that China is capitalist and Sweden is socialist, then of course they believe that Honduras, like Somalia, is a libertarian paradise. Geography simply isn’t their strongest subject.

This isn’t the first time that Honduras has been cited by Salon as a libertarian country. Another Salon polemicist insisted that Honduras was turned into “the murder capital of the world” through a “Nightmare libertarian project.”

Shane Killian and Travis Retriever of the Bogosity Podcast debunked the claim that Honduras was a “libertarian paradise” when that article came out. As for this recent article, Being Classically Liberal succinctly summarized why Honduras is anything but libertarian:
What a stupid article. This guy claims that Honduras has high crime rates because of libertarian economic policies and no gun control without providing any evidence that this is the case. Honduras ranks 55th (of 152) on the economic freedom index, it's certainly no libertarian paradise in terms of economics. Research shows more economic freedom is associated with less homicide. Furthermore, in Honduras government spending accounts for over 25% of GDP, similar to other countries in the region.

In regards to gun ownership, in a comparison of the rate of private gun ownership in 178 countries, Honduras ranked at #88. It's neighbor, Nicaragua ranks #77 yet has a homicide rate almost 10 times lesser than Honduras'. Similarly, Honduras' neighbor Guatemala ranked # 41 yet also has a homicide rate less than half of Honduras'. This suggests that Honduras' problem with violent crime isn't due to private gun ownership.
Debunking anti-libertarian claims by statists is easy. Getting statists to listen? Not so much.