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Monday, March 30, 2015

It's Sad To See Grown Men Cry

Remember that Salon writer who wrote about how Honduras was a “libertarian nightmare”—even though Honduras is about as libertarian as China? Well, he’s written another screed. This time, he’s crying for the wambulance over the butthurt he received from the backlash to his original screed:

Reaction was swift and personal, including widely circulated factoids that I’m both fat and bald (guilty on both counts).  Some called for my utter, personal ruin.  Fair enough.  But there were comments that went too far, such as those that addressed my parenting skills or that examined my decade-old divorce.  I was unprepared for the fire hose of rage and invective.  In fact, it’s hard to overstate just how furious—and proud of it—this segment of America seems.  I could provide links, but I’d rather not send them traffic. If you are compelled to see for yourself, feel free to take a refreshing dip into the libertarian cesspool, but try not to get any in your mouth.

I’m tempted to avoid this group altogether, but I think it would be chicken shit of me to back away because of some name-calling and an epic temper tantrum.  Every badly written blog and hysterical, spittle-flecked Internet video only further proves the point that these people have serious problems...

It was inevitable.  Rage defines all right-leaning movements in the Obama era.  The existence of this hate, vitriol and disgust is beyond dispute.  You see it on Fox News, in talk radio and permeating the internet.  When they lose, they’re angry and even when they win they’re still pretty pissed off.  Some random liberal writes a little article for Salon and libertarians release a torrent of hate articles, personal attacks, and rage filled podcasts.  What a burden it must be to walk around so furious all the time.  It’s almost a shame, because diversity of ideas in a democracy is a good thing, but when they are poisoned with hate, they can’t be taken seriously.
Sweet Celestia, this is some Anita Sarkessian-level deflection. It’s ripped straight from the professional victim’s handbook:

1) Say something blatantly stupid on the internet.
2) Watch as people call you out for your own stupidity.
3) Cry and complain about how everyone is attacking you.

That’s pretty much the gist of his article. Not once does he respond to any legit criticism to his previous article, such as how Honduras is not libertarian. Instead, he simply cries about how the big mean libertarians are ganging up on him and calling him mean, nasty names. (Again, these tactics are nearly Sarkessian!)

Look, I understand firsthand the mental trauma that can come from people constantly barraging you with troll and hate comments, and clearly any hate he received that wasn’t directly related to the insipid points he made in his insipid screed are clearly uncalled for.

But, I’m sorry, you don’t get to write for a big name political blog like Salon and complain about how people who vehemently disagree with you are vehemently disagreeing with you. You’re not some kid on the playground being picked on by school bullies: you’re one of the lackies of the bully lurking in his shadow and snickering as you watch him ruffle up one poor kid for his school money.

By opposing libertarians, you are choosing to align yourself with an oppressive and powerful institution which has no problem prying and spying into people’s personal lives, dictating what people do in their own bedrooms, shooting people down for committing petty offenses, and breaking down small businesses for the sake of large corporations—so excuse us if our “hate, vitriol and disgust” towards it makes us seem as though we can't be taken seriously, because we sure as hell take its oppression and your apologism for it very much seriously.