Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Truth About The LAPD Shooting

As politically and ideologically motivated as I tend to be, I am more than willing to change my mind when presented with convincing empirical evidence, and I will admit I was wrong when proven wrong.

You may have recalled an earlier post wherein I ranted about an incident involving LAPD officers shooting and killing a homeless man. Since then, more information has been revealed about that shooting, and the facts do not match the current narrative.

Turns out that the victim was a bank robber and illegal alien who had instigated the altercation by taking swipes at the officers and reaching for their gun. The ever-erudite Steven Crowder further elucidates:

However, even with the man being a known criminal, and even with him having instigated the attack, I still feel that the police officers were too quick to use lethal force against him—and considering the broader context of how far too many police officers in this country are extremely gun happy, that feels like a reasonable sentiment to have.

So I apologize for not getting my facts straight, but I do not apologize for siding with the powerless against the powerful.