Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yet Another Reason I’m Not Voting For Rand Paul

I have the following litmus test for any self-proclaimed “fiscal conservative”: if they claim to support spending cuts, and yet their highest priority is not military expenditures—which we spend more on than the next eight countries combined, including China and Russia—then I know they’re not really “fiscally conservative.” In fact, if they support INCREASING our military budget, then I know they’re full of crap.

Which is why I’m never going to vote for Rand Paul, no matter how many of my fellow libertarians and libertarian-leaning Republicans have liberty boners for him:
Just weeks before announcing his 2016 presidential bid, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is completing an about-face on a longstanding pledge to curb the growth in defense spending.

In an olive branch to defense hawks hell-bent on curtailing his White House ambitions, the libertarian Senator introduced a budget amendment late Wednesday calling for a nearly $190 billion infusion to the defense budget over the next two years—a roughly 16 percent increase...

The move completes a stunning reversal for Paul, who in May 2011, after just five months in office, released his own budget that would have eliminated four agencies—Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Energy and Education—while slashing the Pentagon, a sacred cow for many Republicans. Under Paul’s original proposal, defense spending would have dropped from $553 billion in the 2011 fiscal year to $542 billion in 2016. War funding would have plummeted from $159 billion to zero. He called it the “draw-down and restructuring of the Department of Defense.”

But under Paul’s new plan, the Pentagon will see its budget authority swell by $76.5 billion to $696,776,000,000 in fiscal year 2016.
The only good thing this man has going for him is being the son of the good doctor, Ron Paul. Other than that, it seems as though the apple has fallen far from the Tree of Liberty—really far, like outside the county line far!