Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, April 27, 2015

Blog Schedule

Starting May 1, I will be returning from my hiatus and resuming my regular blog posts. While my posts never really followed a strict schedule, I've decided to create a schedule as to make it easier for you all to know when to expect them. Bear in mind that this is a tenative schecule, and I don't expect to follow it strictly. But this is what you should come to expect from my blog:


Sunday Funnies
Need a good laugh? We all do. Enjoy your weekly compilation of political cartoons.


VGM Monday
A sample of my favorite video game music from my favorite video games.


Statist And Anarchist
My weekly webcomic (and unabashed ripoff of Cyanide and Happiness). Because statist talking points make for unintentional comedy gold.


Daily Bungle
Satirical articles about news so messed up, it almost seems real.

This Week In Review
Can you tell satire from real news? Test yourself and see which headlines are fake and which ones are the real deal.


Throwback Thursday
90s kids unite! A new blast from my past every week.


Fan Art Friday
A weekly compilation of fan art from all of my favorite shows, movies, and games.


Shameless Plug Saturday
Something different featured every week, be it a YouTube Channel, deviantART gallery, or website or blog.

Regular Features

Daily Pony
Something new featured daily from the My Little Pony fandom. (Plus, a recap of the newest episode every week.)

Daily Stevie
Something new featured daily from the Steven Universe fandom. (Plus, a recap of the newest episode every week.)