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Monday, April 13, 2015

New Dark Stallion Chapter This Saturday (+Preview)

Many of you have asked me when I’m going to release the next chapter to my Dark Stallion fanfic—all five of you who read it! Currently, I'm working on it. Considering how long it’s been since I’ve released the last one, and considering how long it’s taking me to write this one, I’ve decided to split my next chapter into two separate chapters. Hopefully, I should have the first one released by this weekend. Until then, to sate your appetite, here’s a sneak peek of things to come:


Slowly, Celestia began to stir from her involuntary slumber. Her eyes slowly opened, and her blurry vision began to focus and adjust to the minimal lighting of the room, though her pounding forehead made it harder for her to concentrate.

At first, her setting appeared to be of a hazy crimson tint. She then came to the realization that she was encapsulated within a giant red floating gem—a crystal prison with her as its prisoner.

Through the red crystal walls in which she was trapped, she could see that she was in a room so void of light that the walls remained invisible within the far off shadows. The only noticeable light was that of the very crystal which held her, and with this light, she could see the floor below her.

From her crystal, she could see a giant circle drawn with red paint on the damp stone floor below, and within this circle were painted six smaller individual circles, and within each of these circles was one of the Elements of Harmony. All six of these smaller circles were connected to each other and to the main circle through several patterns, and all six of these circles revolved around a larger circle within its center, and within this center circle was placed the Amulet of Purity.

From this magic circle was drawn a line that curved into a spiral pattern, and it was above this very pattern that Celestia’s crystal prison remained afloat. Across the main circle, she noticed another floating crystal similar to hers and with another spiral pattern drawn underneath it and connected to the main magic circle.

Unlike her own crystal, the crystal she saw floating opposite to her was blue, and within it confines was trapped—

“Luna!” Celestia exclaimed with a raspy voice, still hoarse from her slumber and abrupt awakening.

Within the blue crystal, Luna began to stir from her own slumber, and as she opened her own eyes, the first thing she could see was her sister. Before any one of them could address the other—

“Well, well,” spoke a sultry voice. “It seems as our dear princesses have awaken from their naps.”

The two princesses turned their attention toward where the voice emanated from. Approaching them from out of the shadows was the Shadow Mare. By her side was Sky Wind, and behind her were her three henchmen—Squish, Swoosh, and Slash.

Celestia narrowed her eyes with furrowed brow as she glared at her captor. “It looks like we meet again, Shadow Mare.”

“It’s been a long time, Celestia, Luna,” the Shadow Mare addressed each princesses in their respective crystal prisons. “I can’t even remember the last time we met.”

She hung her head in contemplation, but then shot her gaze back up in a glare at Celestia. “Oh yes, it was when you banished my husband to another dimension!”