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Friday, April 24, 2015

Pony Recap: Bloom And Gloom

And with this episode, the Luna dream trilogy has come full circle. First, she helped Scootaloo in "Sleepless in Ponyville." Then, she helped Sweetie Bell in "For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils." Now, she has assisted the very last Cutie Mark Crusader, Apple Bloom, in this episode.

I find this episode very fitting for this season with its overall theme of Cutie Mark and special talents. I even thought that Apple Bloom's nightmares were the result of Starlight Glimmer, and to be honest, that would make sense.

However, for what it is as a stand alone episode, or at least an episode part of a three-episode story arc, it works. The message is especially relevant, as it teaches that we should all accept ourselves for who we are, even when others do not. A very relevant message in this day and age.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on this episode:

The good news: one of the CMC finally received their cutie mark. The catch: it's Babs Seed. And she received it off screen. Progress, I guess? (Also, she received a scissors cutie mark, which means she's either going to be a hair stylist or ribbon cutter. This would make her the second pony in the series to have such a cutie mark. The other one, of course, is snips.)

This episode does bring up a good question of what the CMC will do when they finally receive their cutie marks. Their friendship hinges on them working together to obtain them. So what will happen when they finally do? The question does remain relevant for viewers whose friendships hinge on a specific group and what happens to them when they move away from that group. For example, if someone is friends with someone else because they are in school or a specific club, what happens once they move on. Do they remain friends, or do they move apart? Again, very relevant question with a real life application.

"There are apple cores and sour apples and apples with worms in them." Why do I get the feeling that those are actual Apple Family members?

It's songs like this that make me wish that Ashleigh Bell would release a county single or cover. She does so well with the country accent, and she ought to put it to good use. (Not that she isn't already doing that voicing Apple Jack, of course.)

If you watch carefully, you'll see that each dream sequence has their own little changes, like what Apple Jack serves for breakfast. I'm not going to list them all, because I know you all have good enough eyes to spot them.

And it was here that I realized that this was all a dream. How was it not that obvious?

Coolest new character this season...too bad he's only in a dream.

With most of the "pests" in Equestria, what with parasprites and fruit bats and these twitter mites, it's any wonder that nature hasn't devolved into madness. Locusts are bad enough. These critters will fry your crops away.

And we can only assume that this episode will inspire fan artists to draw Apple bloom in Luigis Mansion.

I wouldn't advocate that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon be harmed, but if for some reason they found themselves being swallowed up into the Earth's crust and never seen again, I would say that nothing of value would be lost, but in reality, something of great value would have been obtained.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought of Story of the Blanks in this scene.

Where is Rose Luck and her sisters crying about the horror and how awful everything is and how everything is a terrible, terrible disaster?

Apple Bloom tries to use whirlwind. It's not very effective.
Twitter mites use Thundershock. It's super effective.

Now I'm getting Independence Day flashbacks. But that raises the question. What about Winona? (Winona, will live! Yaaaaaaaahhhhh!)

I'd complain about how roosters don't lay eggs, but this is a dream, so I'll let it fly.

If this wasn't a dream, I'd say that this was canon about Twilight giving her potion making lesions, allowing her to inevitably be Zecora's successor.

There's something meta about horses playing with horseshoes. You have to wonder though if these ponies actually wear such horseshoes, considering how ponies who do wear shoes wear those that look like human shoes.

Wouldn't it make more sense to keep Apple Bloom on as a senior member who mentors the other two in ways of getting their cutie marks, and continues to help them achieve them? That would make more sense that kicking her out.

I'll actually confess that the thought of this being a Princess Luna episode didn't cross my mind until the very end. I actually thought that these dreams were the creation of Starlight Glimmer. It would make sense. After all, she's convinced that cutie marks are a bad thing, and what better way to spread her ideology than by infiltrating the dreams of young blank flanks and convincing them that getting cutie marks is a bad thing. It would have made for an interesting plot point this season. Too bad the creative staff squandered that opportunity. (Or have they?)

Gee, it even seems like the Rainbow Dash fan club has given up the clubhouse.

I'm guessing she's supposed to be a dolphin trainer.

Why is it that, whenever Big Mac is allowed to speak in fuller sentences, that his lines are always menacing? First, he snapped at Apple Bloom and her friends in Cutie Mark Confidential, and now he's disowning her in this dream. Sheesh! Doesn't Big Mac have anything positive to say?

This does raise the question of names. After all, a pony's name usually goes along with their cutie mark, so what happens when their name goes against it? Do they have to change it?

Pinkie Pie. Flying. In a chicken suit. Yup, just another normal day in Ponyville.

No comment. Do I really need to make one?

Behold, Princess Moonbutt appears as can be expected.

And is would be he point where fan art arises with Apple Bloom co splaying as link and fighting her shadow as Dark Link.

The episode may deal with cutie marks, but it's moral has a very real life application about accepting who you are, even when others don't. Very good message.

Looks like Luna's been watching To Boldy Flee. I get the feeling that opening one of the doors will reveal a self-deprecating Nostalgia Critic.

Vinyl Scratch is Randy. Octavia is Simon. Rarity is Paula. Tell me I'm the only one who thought this.

I'd say Scootaloo is Evel Knievel, but she's 20 percent cooler.

And Scootaloo does what everyone else does when they realize they're asleep: fly!


Again, Ashleigh needs to release a country album!

Also, is it just me, or is there a pancake theme running through this season. The first episode had a pancake breakfast, as does this.