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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pony Recap: The Cutie Map (Part 2)

This is Part Two in a two-part episode recap. Fot the first part, click here. Otherwise, continue after the break for the recap.

"In sameness, there is peace. Exceptionalism is a lie. Free yourself from your cutie mark. Choose equality as your special talent." War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Looks like Starlight Glimmer has adopted Common Core standards for her town's textbooks. Seems fitting.

"Even tweets don't make sense anymore." No, but if Jimmy Kimmel has taught us anything, they sure make for comedic fodder.

As this episode reveals, not only does removing a pony's cutie mark remove the actual physical mark, but also the special talent and personality that it represents. Cutie marks do seem to possess this magical quality behind them, as has also been revealed in episodes such as "Magical Mystery Cure."

So without her cutie mark, Pinkie Pie loses her cheery personality and becomes a stick in her mud...almost like the rest of her family.

Meadowbrook has eight magical items, not nine. Either way, obvious season-long maguffin quest is obvious.

"Difference is frustration. To excel is to fail. Be your best by never being your best." War is...oh, wait, I already made that reference. (Also, look, the sunlight peering through the windows is casting an equal sign on the floor. SYMBOLISM!)

I'm going to have to disagree with Fiery Joker: yes, Fluttershy would be the least likely to pull off a covert mission, but in the context of this episode, it makes sense as she's been the one who has been most open-minded towards the town, and thus her "conversion" would thus be more believable.

The community comes together to build you your own cottage...then they force you to pay the mortgage on it by doing menial tasks though out the village like picking fruit or fishing, and then once you've managed to pay off the mortgage, they expand your house, forcing you once again into crushing debt that you have to work to pay off once more until...oh, wait, wrong franchise.

"I volunteer as tribute." Sorry, had to rip off Firey Joker there.

Point out zee traitors so we may deal with zem properly...more precisely, by getting zem acquainted with ze firing squad.

"Your friend has accepted our way. You will all accept out way. It's only a matter of time." You will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

"Laughs don't come in barrels. They come from inside you as your body's reaction to delight." Yup, that equal mark is turning her into Maud Pie.

Yes, you can stay with me tonight. I only have one bed though. Hope you don't mind sharing. Don't look at me like that. You know and I know someone is busy writing a slash lemon out of that!

No, no, no, Fluttershy: Santa Claus is supposed to come down the chimney, not up.

I'm guessing Starlight Glimmer had something in mind for those cutie marks. Probably use it for a spell? Those cutie marks are related to the Elements of Harmony, after all.

Wha?! You mean to tell me that the cult-like leader who demands that her followers be equal is saving all the privileges for herself. I, for one, am shocked. Just shocked!

Pfft. What can I possibly say about that face? DAT FACE!

We are all equal here.

But some are more equal than others.

The staff isn't magical. That means the cutie mark removal spell was all on Starlight Glimmer. I want you to think about that. In "Cutie Mark Chronicles", Twilight wasn't able to create a fake cutie mark for Apple Bloom; but apparently Starlight here has the power to remove marks. that sort of makes Starlight somewhat stronger than Twi. Scary!

"The only for everyone to be happy is for everyone to be happy."
"Except for you."
Every totalitarian ideology in a nutshell.

"Every pony has unique talents and gifts..."

Check your privilege, shitlord!

Starlight doesn't have the power to teleport. So in a way, she's not as strong as Twilight.

An athletic person hurls a large object at a screen to break people free of their totalitarian control. It's almost as if 2015 won't be like 1984.

Applejack never did like them jars.

I agree with Fiery Joker: Starlight could have taken 2 seconds to at least cover her escape route.

Apparently, if you make binoculars from balloons, they work like real binaculors. What's next? Is he going to make an entire bridge strong enough for them to cross?

"I can't believe we have to count on these other ponies to save our cutie marks." We, at least it's a change of pace from the rest of the show.

Apparently, being a baker makes you good at making snowballs--er, I mean snow pie.

You--shall not--pass!

Um, okay then: balloon bridge confirmed.

I remember now. I know who I truly am. I'm not Double Diamond. I'm--I'm Shaun White.

Twilight uses protect.
Starlight uses hyper beam.
It's not very effective.

"I studied magic for years, too, but what I didn't know then is that study can only take me so far. Each of my friends taught me something different about myself. It was their unique gifts and passions and personalities that brought out the magic inside of me."

So it's almost as if Starlight is what Twilight would have been has she not met her other friends. Gee, it's almost as if true knowledge and wisdom can only come by escaping your ivory tower and considering various other viewpoints and perspectives. Sounds like a lesson modern academia should learn.

And then Starlight escapes into the secret tunnel. Secret tunnel. Secret tunnel.