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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pony Recaps: Castle Sweet Castle

What is it about third episodes that makes them feel so lackluster? That’s obviously not the case for “Lesson Zero” or “Too Many Pinkie Pies”, but those episodes are the exception rather than the rule, which mostly consists of “The Ticket Master”, “Castle-Mania”, and this episode, “Castle Sweet Castle.”

I really don’t feel like writing a recap for this episode. Everything about it is just “meh.” The story is “meh.” The song is “meh.” The humor, while having one or two hits, is mostly miss, and thus “meh.”

The storyline is cliché as it gets. Twilight doesn’t like her new crystal palace. She claims it doesn’t feel like home. Her friends agree to decorate it for her, but they decorate it according to what they like rather than what Twilight wants. They then end up decorating it the way Twilight would like it.

Okay, so it’s not exactly that cliché. I can at least say that the resolution is somewhat original. If it were a cliché ending, the ponies would have decorated her house with nothing but books to match her old house. Instead, they create a chandelier from the roots of her old library. That’s somewhat a unique conclusion. I also like how the crystals dangling from it all contain a special memory, which I’m pretty sure is going to replace the princess letters and journal entries for this season.

Spike conflicts seemed rather forced and contrived. It could have easily been resolved had he been upfront with Twilght: “Hey Twi, the others are taking longer than expected to decorate your house, and they want to keep it a surprise, so we should probably wait until they’re finished to go back.” That was all he had to say. He didn’t have to come up with lame excuses like mattress shopping to keep Twilight distracted.

If there’s one other thing about this episode that was redeemable, it was Bulk Biceps. His inclusion into this episode was rather hilarious as always, and it’s nice to know what his regular occupation is, though I wouldn’t have guessed it was at the spa.

Otherwise, this episode wasn’t all that great, and it’s not really worth my time going over it. Sorry if that disappoints any pony.