Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, April 10, 2015

Sometimes Video Evidence Isn't Enough

First, video evidence has led to a South Carolina police officer being charged and fired for shooting an unarmed man eight times and planting evidence near him; now, it’s leading to California deputies being investigated for brutally beating a man to a bloody pulp after shocking him with an electric taser.

Hopefully, with enough people videotaping the cops, more bad “apples” will be brought to justice, and law enforcement will consider implementing serious reform, including body cameras on their officers.

On the other hand, even when bad cops are caught on camera, many are still let off the hook far too often, as The Amazing Atheist elaborates:

Even more disturbing is that, even with video evidence, we still don't know how many Americans are killed by police, considering that law enforcement agencies aren't required to compile data on police shootings.

Think about that: around this time of year, the government requires us to share every minute detail of our personal, private lives through our income tax, and yet the government doesn't require its own agents to file a report when they kill a civilian. That ain't right!