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Sunday, April 5, 2015

SU Recap: Say Uncle

Welcome to my very first ever Steven Universe episode recap. I know I said I wasn’t going to review recent episodes until I’ve finished going over previous episodes, but since this episode is technically non-canonical, I felt it was safe to address it. Besides, it’s a really good episode and I want to talk about it.

While praise for Steven Universe has almost been, well, for lack of a better term, universal, the same cannot be said for another Cartoon Network show, Uncle Grandpa, over which most people have been split. Some people like it. Others hate it. And other people don’t know what to think of it. Personally, I like it. Sure, it’s weird as hell, and most of its humor is hit-or-miss, but I really do enjoy the surreal and absurdist visuals and comedy. It’s the closest thing Cartoon Network will come to Dadaism.

Because of the split feeling over the show, most SU fans have had split feelings over this episode when it was first announced—and honestly, I know how they felt. Personally, I would have preferred SU to crossover with a more similar show like Adventure Time or Regular Show. But for what we got, this was a rather humorous episode to watch, what with the many in-and-out-of-series references, fourth wall jokes, and Pearl’s many LOL!-worthy expressions. Overall, it was a fun concept with fun gags to be had.

Check out my thoughts after the break:

No, I wanted a shield, not another freaking bubble. Freaking bubbles!

Fun fact: Aside from this being a cultural reference to the "Birth of Venus" painting, this can also be seen as a callback to an earlier episode, "Laser Light Cannon," in which Steven asks Greg if Rose's cannon was in a "cave-dungeon" ("Rose's Armory"), a cloud base ("Rose's Room"), or a "clam at the bottom of the ocean" (this episode).

You want to know something that really makes this gag funnier? It's been lambasted by Tumblr SJW's as being "trans-misogynistic." Yes, forget that cross-dressing has been used as a visual gag ranging back to Bugs Bunny and Monty Python: this is the use of it that clearly draws the line.

"Don't worry, bro: none of this is canon...but this is."

Just in case you still had doubts about this episode being non-canonical.

Don't worry, you two, your boat may be destroyed, but your "ship" is still in tact.

Admittedly, this is a cool gag, but once Cartoon Network changes its bumpers, this episode is going to be vastly outdated.

"Uncle Grandpa, this doesn't seem safe."
"Don't worry, kid, I'm wearing a helmet."

A horde of wild beedrill appeared. Steven tries to flee. Can't escape. (Also, these bees are from the "Future Vision" episode.)

"Steven is hanging out with some weirdo. I think he's trying to vaporize him." So, in other words, another typical day on Beach City.

That Doomsday Ray of Dastardly Destruction looks impressive, Uncle Grandpa, but it pales in comparison to Rose's Laser Light Cannon.

"Uncle Grandpa?"
"So that would make him Greg's brother and father?"
"That explains a lot."

Some fans have claimed that Pearl was acting out-of-character in this episode, or at least as a caricature or exaggeration of her normal self. I don't know. She acts exactly like she's normally acted in most other episodes. I'm simply assuming that she's been pushed to her breaking points by Uncle Grandpa's reality-breaking powers in this episode.

As a major coincidence, this episode came out around the exact same time that the Mewtwo and Lucas DLC was announced for Super Smash Bros.

The three-way sub: coming soon to a Subway store near you!

Crystal Gems! Finish him! Flawless victory!

LOL! Get it! Amethyst screamed "why" because she tripped over a 'y'! It's a pun!

I wonder if belly bag uses the same plot holes like the one that was used in Tiny Toons How I Spent My Summer Vacation?

"I have a comprehensive knowledge of all magical denizens of the multiverse." Translation: he's a total geek who watches too much television!

Mr. Gus' weapon is a frying pan. So, he's like Princess Peach? (Fun Fact: Mr. Gus actually has his own Tumblr blog where this picture is posted.)

"We just wait here until something happens...something happened!"

"I'm not overreacting." It could be worse, Pearl. You could have been trapped in this white space while saying "Alone!", causing the word to physically manifest itself and spawn facsimiles that would have crowded you and the other gems out.

Amethyst obviously never heard one of Uncle Grandpa's greatest hits: "Don't Eat Pizza Steve."

Garnet literally breaks the fourth wall. It's almost as if she initiated an attack of it, and now bad comics burns.

Well, this tea party is no more out of place than the one Sora threw at the end of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The only thing missing is someone wearing a pair of green goggles with a fake mustache.

"Finish him!" Uncle Grandpa-tality!

You know something is awe-inspiring when Giant Realistic Flying Tiger drops her jaw.

"I'm so sorry!"
"I also apologize for Pearl."

One ship was destroyed, but another one was created that day.

"See with eyes unclouded by hate." Huh. Never took Uncle G to be a Princess Mononoke fan.

Seriously, if you don't know who any of these characters are, then you never had a childhood--that, or you've never watched Cartoon Network. (Also, mad props for mentioning the Swat Cats!)