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Thursday, April 23, 2015

SU Recap: Shirt Club

This episode was a welcome change of pace. There were no evil gem monsters to fight. No intergalactic threats. No gems having to come to the rescue. Just a simple slice-of-life story where Steven resolves his own conflict himself.

This episode also had a very relevant moral about the unintended consequences of memes. Sure, making fun of other people's art, especially on-line where bad art blogs abound, seems funny, but to the original artist, it really isn't. That's a lesson anyone of any age should learn.

A very simple story for a very simple episode. Other than that, here are my thoughts on it.

I'm not an artist, but if I were--screw it, even if I'm not, I still want his pencil case. It's too awesome. (Also, Steven owns Animal Crossing and Wind Waker.)

If you think that the Gems' comments about Steven's drawing are obtuse, you should read most comments on deviantART.

This is the second episode to star one of the "Cool Kids" solo. The first one was Jenny and her family in "Beach Party." Now we need an obligatory Sour Cream episode, one that looks more into his familiar relationships. Is Vidalia truly his mother? How does he get along with Onion? And what are his tensions with his stepdad, Yellowtail?

You could say that Buck here is being obtuse for ordering a salad in a donut store that sells nothing but donuts, but if you saw all of those donuts and thought about the empty carbs and calories, you'd probably want to order something more "healthy" too. I wonder if that's how people feel in Dunkin Donuts. (Also, the Steven Crewniverse celebrated this episode by sharing a Caprese Salad.)

Well, it's no more ridiculous than those cars that are covered in nothing but advertising decals.

First its a wrestling hall, then its a dance club, now its an election campaign headquarters. I'm guessing this abandoned warehouse is the city's multipurpose building.

"I got to gank dat youth vote, boi." Why do I get the feeling that Mayor Dewey's PR team are the same ones responsible for Obamacare's pajama hipster ad. (Also, if the background reference is any indicator, Mayor Dewey ended up creating new faxes.)

Gee, I wonder if this drawing is going to be a pivotal plot point.

The sparkles make it all the more awesome.

Somehow, I feel iron-on decals would have been less messier.

What game is Sour Cream playing that has a 'womp' sound effect? No mobile game I'm familiar with. (Also, LOL! at: "This is the coolest thing I've ever been hit in the head with.")

Sorry, Rinaldo, but the t-shirt has rejected your fedora--just like most of Tumblr. No tipping your hat, m'lady. (Also, not everything is aliens, no matter what that History Channel guy says.)

Lars: really the master of trying too hard.

For a guy who orders a caprese salad in a donut shop, Buck has no problem skipping the pizza slice with all veggies.

Please don't take this question the wrong way, internet, black people really run pizzerias? Because, for the life of me, outside of this show and Family Guy, I've never seen an Italian restaurant owned and operated by black people.

In case you didn't pick up on it, this episode has a subtle lesson about internet viral media. It also shows the real life consequences of it. Remember that Star Wars Kid? His family actually had to move because of the harassment he received because of it.

Buck: It's an amazing shirt. 

Steven: (blushing thinking Buck is commenting on his art) Aww, my drawing's not that good, ahaha. 

Buck: Yeah, no. It's terrible. 

Steven: What?! 

Buck: That's what's so great about it. Your work is so naive, You really love your dad. It's funny. 

Steven: Ah...I don't wanna make these shirts anymore. 

Buck: Too bad Steven, they're so current, they can't stop. I'm the taste maker, and I will keep making tastes...FOREVER.

If the episode's subtle message missed you the first time, it really hits you like a ton of bricks right here. Buck is literally 4Chan incarnate.

Oh, don't you gems even bother to try putting those stools together. You need a science degree in order to properly put together IKEA furniture.

Steven: It's an emergency! You have to help me take down all the shirts and stop Buck from making more! 

Pearl: Have the shirts come to life and have possessed the bodies of their wearers?! 

Steven: No! They just... 

Amethyst: Are people catching on fire when they put on the magic shirts? 

Steven: No, no, they're just... 

Pearl: Are the shirts destroying the wearer's will to continue on this mortal coil, thereby shutting down beach City?! 

Steven: No!!! They're...they're just, using my art in a way I don't agree with. 

Just in case you were curious about the Gems absence and non-involvement in this season.

"you have to learn to help yourself. That is how you become stronger." What? How dare you tell me to help myself. I shouldn't have to pull myself by my own bootstraps. I should expect everyone else to help me, and if they don't want to, they can move to Somalia!

"Oh, I'll make them understand. I'll make them all understand." Famous. Last. Words.

I freelance for a few small town local papers, and even in those small towns, they wouldn't make an entire celebration over a single bench.

Uh, yeah, CN, do you REALLY want to encourage children to shoot stuff, even t-shirts, at elected officials with body guards? Because that's how you create more dead children!

Of course Buck does the sexy cry.