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Friday, April 17, 2015

SU Recap: Story For Steven

Okay, guys, change of plans: instead of waiting to catch up with all of the past Steven Universe episodes, I will be posting recaps of new episodes instead. I may revisit some of the old episodes in the future, but for now, I think it’s safe to start discussing the new episodes now while I have the chance.

Besides, how can I not talk about this episode? It contains far too many feels. If you watched this episode without feeling the least bit sentimental, then you clearly do not have a human soul.

We’ve previously heard in passing  about how Greg met Rose Quartz, but this time we actually get to see how it plays out (though considering this is all told by Greg in flashback, we don’t know how accurate, and thus reliable, this it truly is). Not only do we learn about Greg’s past relationship with Rose and the sacrifices he made to be with her, we also get to learn a little bit more about Beach City and the Crystal Gems—though to be fair, there are probably more questions raised that answered.

Enough small talk. Let’s get comfortable and hear how Greg met Rose (now with Marty):

This episode answers a lot of questions. Why Greg lives in his van at the car wash rather than with Steven is not one of them. (Though I'm going to be honest: seeing Greg and Steven interact in such a casual manner like this reminds me of the times I used to spend with my own biological father. The show makes you feel like that.)

For an old manager who's dead to him, Greg certainly doesn't have a problem keeping an old picture of Marty around. You'd think he'd had torn it up by now.

The music in this show may not be up to par with MLP:FiM, but for what it's worth, it has a real charm to it. This is most apparent in Greg's song here. It's both lively in its overall presentation, what with all of the 80s clich├ęs, but also bittersweet, considering how everything that Greg aspires for in it won't come to fruition, as we know.

I have to wonder if a concert would really perform as scheduled if only one person showed up. Either way, it's still rather sweet that Rose was the only one who showed up. (Though you have to wonder how a thousand year old being like her has a taste in rock music.)

Confirmed: Rose is XXL. She is big AND beautiful.

You know what those two were doing in that van. I know what they we're doing in that van. And it's only a matter of years until the children watching this learn what they were doing. :D

Also, Vidalia is a type of onion. She looks a lot like Onion, and Marty looks a lot like Sour Cream. So all things considered, Vidalia is Onion and SC's mom, Marty is SC's father (and possible inspiration for getting into the musical industry), and this scene was when SC was conceived. (Again, we all know what they were doing in that van!)

Not sure how much managers usually glean from their clients, but I have a feeling that 75 percent is extremely generous--and by "generous", I mean exploitative.

Well, this is the fence, but where is the moat? And why isn't Amethyst a crocodile? (And gee, I wonder who added that "please" sign?)

Well, this is awkward.

You know, it just dawned on me: if the gems and their temple have been here for thousands of years, how come no one else knows about them? I mean, there's a lighthouse sitting right on top of their temple. You'd think someone would have checked the weird eight-armed statue by now.

And considering that the series (presumably) takes place in America, does this mean that the gems were around during of the time of the Native Americans? What happened when the European colonists showed up? What did they think of the temple? Did they even know about it? They must have, considering there's a lighthouse right on top of it.

I don't know. Questions like that really boggle me.

Amethyst really likes Greg's hair, and considering how buddy-buddy she would become with him, she obviously emulated his hair style.

As cute as the Gems look when they were younger, this only raises more questions. It's been stated that, not only are the Gems thousands of years old, they also do not age. So why would they appear younger?

So far, there's two theories surrounding this. First, that the Gems aren't really younger. They only appear smaller when compared to giant Rose (as opposed to small Steven), and that there appearances are merely previous regenerations.

The other theory concerns how their appearances are determined by their mental state. As was shown in "Too Many Birthdays", their appearances and ages do fluctuate with their mental state. Since Rose acted like a mother figure to them when she was alive, it only made sense that their appearances in their previous incarnations reflected their relationship with her as young children. It was only when Rose passed away and Steven was born that they felt older, and their appearances reflected how they had now assumed the role of parent and guardian.

Greg dropped out of community college to become a rock star, and he would quit being a rock star to be with Rose. Not sure if foolish or endearing.

"I can sing." If "Coach Steven" proved anything, yes she can.

Also, obvious jealously is obvious!

"You want one huge woman when you can have multiple smaller ones."
"Marty, women are people."

Now, at this point, it could be debated that Greg deciding to quit his career as a musician to be with Rose was throwing his life away. (Of course, you could have argued that about him dropping out of college.) I'd disagree. From this argument alone, we see that Greg doesn't care about money. He's only into music for the passion. It's only Marty who only see's dollar signs and profit. So, if anything, breaking up with Marty was probably a good thing for him.

E-lect Dew-ey! E-lect Dew-ey!

Greg probably should have slipped with his wet shoes on that shiny floor.

You know, if we didn't know how this episode ended, I'd assume this is when things would turn either depressing or dark. Thankfully, it doesn't.

Confirmed: She DOES wear an XXL!

"You're awfully cute... and I really wanna play with you, but your life is short and you have dreams. I won't let you give up on everything you want."
"That's gonna be a problem."
"You're everything I want!"

Again, I don't care who you are: if that scene didn't make you feel, then you have no human soul.