Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dear UK, Can We Please Trade Leaders?

Dear Brits,

We hear that you don’t like your new (or rather, old) Prime Minister (even though you all voted for him in the first place). Apparently, you don’t like the fact that he wants to cut government spending and get rid of government-run healthcare. We Americans don’t understand why those are bad things. We actually seem them as pluses for our leaders.

If you don’t want your elected leader, can we have him instead? The one we have has increased our national debt by 70 percent through his reckless “stimulus” spending (which failed to stimulate our economy), and his healthcare “reform” have seen people’s healthcare premiums rise at best and their healthcare plans disappear at worst.

So how about we make a trade? We take David Cameron and the Tory Party off of your hands in exchange for Barack Obama and the remaining Democrats? Sound like a good deal to you lot?