Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, May 29, 2015

Fan Art Friday, Vol. 3

For this volume, I’m maintaining a one track mind by focusing on a single franchise—or rather, a crossover of two.

I’ve been a Pokémon fan for quite some time, and recently, I’ve started reading/watching Game of Thrones (though I’m still currently on Book/Season 1). So I’ve recently started wondering what Pokémon the different GoT characters would have if they were Pokémon trainers. AWildSketchAppeared on Imgur seems to have a good idea of just that:

Of course Daenerys Targaryen would become the "Mother of Dragon Pokemon", but I'd figure she would have a better variety other than having three Salamences.

I always imagined all of the Stark children (including Jon Snow) each having a Mightyena to serve in the place of their direwolves (with Jon Snow having a white shiny), but eh, it's nice to see some variety. Here we have Brandon Stark with a Hariyama, Murkrow, and Arcanine, Meera Reed with Croconaw, and Jojen Reed with Xatu.

I always imagined Arya Stark with a sword fighter like Gallade, Pawnard, or Scyther, but you can't go with a Beedrill (and a Zubat to boot!). And at least Sansa Stark has a Cubone who can share in her own pain.

"Those are good Pokemon," Tyrion Lannister said, with Meowth on his shoulder. "Let's go make them faint!" And of course Tywin Lannister has a Pyroar to match his family's sigil.

Looks like Varys has literal "little birds", or at least bird Pokemon. Somehow, I'd figure Littlefinger would have a Serviper to match his (obvious) treacherous nature, or at least a few female Pokemon like Jynx or Gardevoir since he does run a brothel. (Okay, now I'm thinking bad thoughts concerning Pokemon!)