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Monday, May 4, 2015

John Oliver Brings Out The Monkey On Standardized Tests

John Oliver did a hilarious comedic expose (as always) on standardized testing. I’m not sure what’s more cringe-worthy: that standardized tests and the education “reforms” that inspired them, from “Every Child Left Behind” to “Common Crap”, have failed to improve actual education, or the trying-too-hard-to-appear-hip-to-today’s-youth propaganda that students are forced to endure to prepare them for these tests:

This comedic expose may make standardized testing seem bad enough, but as the PBS Idea Channel revealed last week, these tests have a very sinister history behind them. For example, the SAT has its roots in eugenics and was originally administered by the military to see how well new recruits can obey orders:

The hidden intentions of these standardized tests seem all the less hidden when you realize that our entire “education” system is based on an archaic model that was designed specifically to produce obedient and loyal subjects, soldiers, and workers.

Gee, it’s almost as if the overall purpose of our public “education” system is not to educate and enlighten the next generation, but to program them to be mindless obedient drones to the corporate state.

But don’t worry, America: there’s a colorful, friendly monkey to distract you all from that! "Here comes the monkey! Time to get funky!"