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Monday, May 25, 2015

Pony Recap: Make New Friends But Keep Discord

It’s hard to hate an episode that has Discord in it. Even if the episode’s plot has already been done for the umpteenth time, simply adding Discord to the mix makes it one of the best episodes yet. Yes, we’ve already been through this song and dance where a character becomes jealous when a close friend of theirs starts hanging out with a new friend—but everything else within this episode attributed to our favorite draconeques—from the video game reference, to the return of Maud Pie, to the inclusion of a Gen 1 character (The Smooze), and even the new hippie tree hugger character (who is so aptly-named)—more than makes up for the cliché as dirt storyline. If you didn’t at least snicker once, even at Discord’s failed comedy, then you are in sore need of a funny bone transplant.

Anyway, here are the remainder of my thoughts on this episode:

"Oh Discord, I've never known any pony who's funnier than you." Ouch! Might not want to say that around Pinkie Pie, Shy!

"Equestrian Society For The Preservation Of Rare Creatures." Now why does that sound like a group that would go around throwing Molotov cocktails at medical labs that perform animal testing? I don't know. I've yet to hear of an "animal rights" group that's not tied in any way to eco-terrorism.

Seems like Discord takes after the Mad Hatter in his appetite for tea and tea cups. Somehow, I feel Discord would make the Hatter look sane in comparison.

Discord looks real dapper even though he's acting all passive aggressive.

The nightmare becomes reality.

Oh sure, they seem excited right now, but give them five minutes at the Gala, and they'll be bored out of their minds. I've never met a kid who was never bored to tears at such formal gatherings.

"AJ, do you have any diamonds?"
"Go fish, Dash!"

"Mah little sister's all grown up!" Yet again, Applejack has to take her place as the substitute mother figure.

Oh yes, a big yellow and red eye glaring at you from the mirror may seem creepy, but it's nowhere near as unsettling as how the NSA spies on people.

From what I heard, Discord and the CMC have a much better relationship in the comics. Then again, the comics ain't canon, so...

Huh, so this Grand Galloping Gala is allowing people to bring their own escorts--sort of like how it is in my fan fiction. Not sure if the show is ripping me off.

Discord, are you there? Have they spotted you? Discord? DISCORD!

This isn't so much breaking the fourth wall as it is shaking it up, literally.

If you check the time mark on the episode, Tree Hugger appears at 4:20. Not sure if intentional joke for the hippie character or a big coincidence.

"Who loves fancy exciting affairs more than every pony else? My sister, Maud." Yup, that there Maud is a real party animal. She's so wild, you can hardly contain her. /s

"You want none of the cakes now?" Considering how chaotic both Pinkie Pie and Discord can be, it's a wonder that there's not enough scenes with them interacting with each other more often.

I would gripe about how Tree Hugger seems totally unfazed by the clusterfuck of a creature that is Discord and how he disappears and reappears in a blink of an eye, but, eh, I can attribute this to either her overall mellow demeanor or the fact that she's probably seen worse on her acid trips.

Oh, wow! Where do I even begin to comment on this? I guess my first question is that, if Discord has his own chaotic pocket dimension to chill out in, why did he see the need to turn Ponyville into the "Chaos Capital of the World"? Was this something that Celestia helped create in order to sate his desire for chaos?

Dust bunnies.

"I kind of got lost after I escaped the flying badgers. Can you help point me in the direction of the bottomless pit?" Okay, of all the questions that I could ask: how did the mail pony even manage to get into this dimension to begin with? You know what? I'm asking WAY too many questions about the spirit of chaos.

Seems like Twilight doesn't mind standing next to Princess Celestia while she greets guests, like she did last time. I guess she likes it better knowing she helped her contribute to the festival.

Side question: did Twilight get her own tickets, or is she exempt from requiring tickets for admission because she's royalty now? If she did get tickets, who did she select as her plus one? Celestia. Meh, I would have preferred Flash Sentry.

The Smooze is based on the G1 character of the same name, though this Smooze is green while the original was purple. Not sure the reason for the change. Must be because green is a grosser color.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute! Is that yellow blue-maned mare...Milky Way?!? It would be shocking if the MLP staff actually managed to slip in a fan R63 character.

Side note: the orange and blue outfits are based on the outfits from Dumb and Dumber.

Give them five minutes and they'll be bored out of their minds.

"The aura off of the waterfall?" Eh, forgive me for not knowing anything about New Age woo woo, but I thought only living things had auras.

Discord is all about dat booty bump.

Not sure whether to take Tree Hugger's forgetfulness to her being naturally obtuse or to her being either being stoned or wasted.

Seems like Fluttershy is his only bestest friend.

Never heard a more awkward laugh than Haley Joel Osmond's in A.I.

"We went to the store and bought two cakes." And I'm okay with that.

AJ: "Uh, Rarity, we don't normally wear any clothes."

Who stores so many royal jewels next to a ball room?

"Oh, Tree Hugger, I've never known any pony who's funnier than you." Again, may not want to say that in ear shot of Pinkie Pie.

To be fair, that joke was rarely funny to begin with.

"Ain't nobody gives me no respect, no respect at all."

"What is he trying to do?"
"I think they're jokes."
My response to every "comedy" video ever created by Buzzfeed. Or Funny or Die. Or Shane Dawson.

"This is the most basic of jokes."

"You're the most basic of jokes. BURN!

Zool, motherbucker, zool!

"None of my magic works on this ooze." Haven't you heard, Twi? Nothing can stop the Smooze!

LOL! Celestia snot bubble.

"My shoes will be ruined forever."
"That's what you're worried about? Really?"
AJ, how long have you known Rarity? You should know her by now.

In case of an emergency, your older sister can be used as a flotation device.

We get to see Discord do the moonwalk, again!

"Do you know what you even just said?" Best response to any mention of New Age woo woo ever.

Well, this is the first time we've heard a pony on the show actually neigh like a horse.

"That is he most magical thing I have ever seen done with animals." Just a reminder that Fluttershy allowed Twilight Sparkle to perform a magical juggling act with her animal friends, though to be fair, Fluttershy was shielding her eyes during that.

"Whoa, dude, what is that?"

Apparently, the show's newest character, Señor Puppethead.

"Don't worry, Fluttershy, we'll stop him!" With what? You six don't have the Elements of Harmony anymore.

See, now, you're all completely useless.

"I need a few minutes to clear up my chakras before I can hug you from a place of authenticity." Seems like even the hippie has her limits.

"Hey, it's not a party until somepony spreads magic-resistant ooze uncontrollably over the ballroom!"

"Could you imagine how dull it would have been had I not invited Discord?" Looks like Trollestia strikes again.