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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Shameless Plug Saturday: Bogosity Podcast

Welcome to a new weekly feature I’d like to call “Shameless Plug Saturday”, and it’s exactly what the name suggests. Each week, I’ll be featuring something new, whether it’s a deviantART gallery, YouTube channel, website, blog, or anything else that I want to share with you all. Sometimes, it’ll be something popular. Other times, it'll be something obscure. Either way, it’s always going to be something that's more than worth your attention.

This week, I'm going to be spotlighting a podcast that everyone who is skeptical and libertarian-minded should give a listen to, especially if they're like me and don't normally listen to podcasts. If there's one podcast you should be listening to in order to make sense of an otherwise senseless world, it should be the Bogosity Podcast.

I don’t listen to that many podcasts, but if there’s one podcast that I listen to religiously, it's the Bogosity Podcast. I’ve been a fan of this podcast for years, and I consider it to be an excellent source of both information and snark, analyzing news and current events through a skeptical, libertarian perspective.

The podcast consists of three main segments: "News of the Bogus," which offers critical analysis on the week's events; "Biggest Bogon Emitter," which thoroughly debunks an egregious piece of "bogosity"; and "Idiot Extraordinaire," which highlights a person whose actions or words makes them exceptionally bogus. Once in a blue moon, it will offer something a bit more positive by awarding a "Silver Cluon Award" to an individual who goes out of their way to expose blatant bogosity.

The podcast is hosted by Shane Killian, an awesome guy who does an excellent job cutting through bogosity with sharp wit and intelligence like a hot knife through butter. Sometimes, he elicits the helps of other individuals, including fellow deviants Lord Hawkeye and Travis Retriever, and while I’ve longed preferred his solo career, he and his occasional co-hosts exhibit a great chemistry together.

As I've said, Shane does a good job debunking bogosity, so much so, that I’ve even created videos with selections from his podcast. Whether he’s explaining how the gender wage gap don’t real, or why no one should fear the GMO, you’ll get a good laugh out of his intellectual smackdowns while gaining ammo for your next inevitable on-line debate.

You can listen to the podcast every week on its website, on YouTube, or from the iTunes store. If you want to listen to some excellent selections from it, view my Bogosity Bites playlist. Here’s a recent selection on environmental hysteria from their most recent podcast: