Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Shameless Plug Saturday: BrendanielReads

Do the insipid posts on Tumblr and 4Chan make you cringe? What if they were read to you by a man whose voice could melt butter? They'd still be insipid, but they'd be less cringeworthy. With the warm voice of BrendanielReads, anything sounds good—even a corny catchphrase like "Ducks Rock!" (Well, okay, not even the combined voice acting of Tim Curry and Tony Jay could make that sound good.)

BrendanielReads is an amateur voice actor who is, true to his YouTube channel description, “just some asshole who reads shit into a microphone and puts it onto the internet.” Most of his work consists of reading posts and comments from social media such as Tumblr, 4Chan, Reddit, and Twitter. Sometimes he even reads bad fanfiction like “Dipper Goes To Taco Bell.” (WARNING: DO NOT READ OR LISTEN TO THAT FANFIC!)

My favorite videos of his would be his dramatic reading of the Sonichu comics. What’s a Sonichu, you ask? Well, it’s what happens when you combine Sonic with Pokemon's Pikachu—and if you were a shameless manchild who suffered from Autism, racism, and a superiority complex.

By all means check out his channel, and especially check out his ventures into the magical world of Sonichu. (Okay, it’s not actually a magical world, it a terrible, terrible place where your dreams go to die!)