Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, May 25, 2015

Something To Make You Really Think This Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, the day when we recognize the lives that have fallen on our behalf. Most other right-leaning bloggers are busy sharing music videos of country artists singing mealy-mouthed ballads, whining about how “freedom isn’t free.” Others are posting uber-patriotic memes crammed with flags, bald eagles, kneeling soldiers, yellow ribbons, apple pie, and every other symbol of pure American exceptionalism to show how much they “heart” America. Me? I’ve decided to post something a bit more meaningful—and ironically enough, it involves cartoon ponies!

You see, Memorial Day is when we pay tribute to our dead. In essence, the holiday itself is about death, and death is a concept in our society that is usually avoided. At best, it’s ignored; at worst, it’s exploited—case in point, how the deaths of fallen soldiers are used as mere props to facilitate unquestioning loyalty towards our government as it kills innocent civilians overseas while stripping us of our rights in the guise of security. In short, as much as we are told to “respect the dead”, death, in our culture, isn’t handled with the gravitas it requires, if not deserves.

In his supplemental video of his review of “Tanks For The Memories”, Silver Quill reflects on the overtly flippant approach our culture and media takes towards death, and in doing so, analyzes how this episode of a little girl’s cartoon manages to handle the subject with gravitas and respect that is often lacking in other media—all without even explicitly mentioning the word "death":

Who would have thought that a little girl’s cartoon about multicolored talking ponies would elicit such a mature discussion about death and the grieving process, and who would have thought that such a review would provoke a much more meaningful discussion than any insincere jingoistic meme posted on Facebook?