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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

SU Recap: Reformed

Well, it looks like the regeneration cycle has come full circle. First, it was Pearl. Then, it was Garnet. Now, it’s Amethyst with her new form—though, admittedly, not one that I care for! (But wait, does this mean Steven will have his own regeneration? Can human-gem hybrids even do that? We’ll have to wait and see.)

But that’s not the only development that we get to see from Amethyst. We also see some character development from her. We know from past episodes that Amethyst suppresses anxieties she feels about others, especially with her “less than positive” origins. Here, those anxieties really seep through to the surface, and we see that, despite her “couldn’t give two bucks” demeanor, she does really care about what others think about her. Not exactly the most memorable episodes, in my opinion, but a very revealing one nonetheless.

But seriously, I do not care for her new outfit. All-black is not her style!

With that out of the way, here are my thoughts on the episode (though since SU Wiki doesn't have a complete gallery, I can only post screenshots when I can):

  • "You really know me, Internet." Yes, yes we do, Steven. ;)
  • Why do I get the feeling that Steven's on-line obsession with a cartoon show is how the show's creators view its internet fan base?
  • "Do you understand that cartoon show?"
  • "I don't understand anything, any more."
  • Somehow, I don't even think Jake the Dog would be audacious enough to put engine oil on a sandwich, and he's the dog who put's lobster soul on his. Then again, Amethyst isn't an organic lifeform, so maybe ingesting engine oil doesn’t' bother her. (Though apparently, a year-old burrito does!)
  • Not sure if a Facebook quiz or a Buzzfeed one. Then again, does it make a difference? Both are vapid social media websites that reflect the decline of the American attention span.
  • "That show is really weird. Who wants to watch a show about people crying." Yup, the show's creators are more than self-aware about their fan base.
  • "Amethyst, are you taking this seriously?" Does she take anything seriously, Steven?

  • "Are you insecure about your relationships and how you are seen by other people?" Looks like he hit upon this episode's focus.
  • The Slinker.  Definitely sounds like a title for a cheesy B-movie.
  • If you look hard enough in Amethyst's room, you'll see a gyroid from Animal Crossing. Looks like Amethyst has been going through the town dump next to Tom Rook's Shop.
  • Alas, Poor Yorik, I knew him NEVER!
  • "Do you get defensive when people ask you questions about the feelings you prefer to keep hidden." Gee, it's almost as if this random on-line quiz that Steven found on the internet have questions that were written to match the plot of this episode to a tee.
  • "You hit my favorite round thing. This is my stuff you're messing with." You have to wonder what Amethyst does with all the stuff that she collects. I'd say it's almost like how Ariel from the Little Mermaid collects items to sate her fascination for the human world, but even then, Ariel had a more organized horde.
  • If you look hard enough in the room, you'll spot the fashion magazine from "Beach Party" and "The No Home Boys: The Mystery Train" book from "On the Run."
  • Yeah, you know and I know what imagery this conveys, so I don't need to explain to you what it is. If you don't, look up "tentacles" and "rule 34."
  • "Our bodies are only an illusion."
  • From this episode, we can see that gems don't need to spend two weeks in order to regenerate, and that the time required varies from gem to gem, and from situation to situation.
  • And from this, I could already tell that Amethyst would be going through multiple regenerations this episode. I know Sugar and the creative team are good, but even I don't think they can pull off having a character whose limbs are all legs.
  • She's all, ear!
  • Now I can see why the creators needed an excuse to have Pearl pre-occupied for this episode. I don't think she would have taken this imitation as a sincere form of flattery.
  • "I feel practically perfect."
  • "All these rocks are different sizes. We'll have to organize them and by shape and color." Reminds me of a certain purple unicorn--er, alicorn!
  • "But I need encouragement, Garnet. I need everyone's constant approval." Amethyst, are you sure you're channeling Pearl, or are you projecting your own insecurities through her? Obvious answer here is obvious.
  • "Is it weird that I'm getting numb to this?"
  • That form may not be sustainable, but it seems capable of winning an arm-wrestling contest.
  • Quick! Get Black Widow. She's the only one who knows how to calm the Hulk down. Wait, wrong franchise.
  • The Slinker is a Creeper Plant Heartless from Kingdom Hearts! (Now that I mention it, isn't it odd that most of the Gem monsters seem like KH Heartless?)
  • "She doesn't want to think about herself." Steven hammers in the point the episode was trying to make.
  • I didn’t know they got their milk from Lon Lon Ranch.
  • Yeah, I'm not going to lie: I don't really care for Amethyst's new incarnation. All black doesn't look good on her. The purple clothes helped add balance to her outfit, and not it looks, off. (Don't tell her I said that. We don't need her going poof again.)
  • Dat face! :D