Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday: We’re All Ears!

Anyone remember turning on the radio and hearing this jingle?

I used to listen to Radio Disney religiously during my pre-teen years. I remember forcing my mom to tune into the station during car rides; while at home, I would force myself to listen through the static on my stereo to hear Disney tunes and the latest pop music—which, back in my day, consisted mostly of the boy band of the week (Backstreet Boys and N*Sync) or the female pop artist of the month (Britney Spears).

It’s been a long time since I tuned into the station, so I have no clue what they’re playing nowadays. My best guess is that it’s a bunch of teenybopper artists and music groups that I've never heard of, though I’m sure it’s the same-old variety of boy bands (One Direction), pop divas (Katy Perry), and the occasional prepubescent heartthrob (Justin Bieber).

I wanted to listen to the station before typing this in order to get a flavor, but to my dismay, I learned that Disney had disbanded many of their stations. Only a few handful of them exist, and the one that I used to listen to a lot back in my home state of Virginia ain’t one of them. Sadly, that station, like many of the others across the nation, was sold off and now serves as a venue for “religious programming.”

It’s sad to see one of the staples of my childhood fade away like this, but considering that radio (especially AM radio) is a dying medium, it seems as inevitable as the demise of Saturday morning cartoon blocks. (I’m still teary-eyed over that!) And it’s not like the radio network is gone. It can still be heard either on-line or through satellite radio. It’s simply the inevitable march of technological progress.

Either way, it seems that Radio Disney, at least as I once knew it, has to be buried right alongside Saturday Morning cartoons, the GameBoy, and Pogs.