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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

And Now The Good News #01

Tired of hearing about how badly the world sucks? Need some good news to cheer you up? Well, we have your good news right here:

I’m starting a new regular feature in which I help offset the pessimism and cynicism that normally permeates my blog (if not the whole media and internet) with a compilation of headlines that have nothing less than good news to tell, whether its small steps towards a freer society, advances in science and technology, or just “feel good” stories of good deeds and Samaritans.

The past few weeks have seen some dark clouds, but through them have shone a little sunlight that has highlighted the rare silver lining.

On the police brutality front, justice has finally been served for both Walter Scott and Freddie Gray, with the offending officers who killed them being charged and indicted respectively with murder.

The PATRIOT ACT's 14-year reign of terror upon our right to privacy and due process has finally come to an end though the help of one (sort-of) liberty-loving Senator.

Gay marriage being legalized in an entire country (and one which the Catholic Church has held a strong stranglehold on for centuries), the death penalty has been abolished in one state, medical marijuana is set to be legalized in another, and birth control has become more readily available to Californian women.

So take heed in knowing that, even in the darkest storms, there's always a little sunlight that shines its way through the darkness.

And Now The Good News: