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Friday, June 5, 2015

Fan Art Friday, Vol. 4

After seeing this sweet pic on the DA front page, I’ve decided to, once again, focus this week’s Fan Art Friday around a single theme—and once again, that theme is Pokémon. Redundant? I know. But it was either this or skip this week’s Fan Art Friday, and considering I’ve been developing a bad habit of skipping my weekly features, I wouldn’t allow this one to fly. So, anyway, onto the Pokémon fan art:

So much about this deviation is soaked in nostalgia. The old desktop PC. The Super Famicom. The Gameboys and link cables.

What’s that kids? You don’t know what a link cable is? (Pulls up grandpa pants and whips out a cane as he takes a seat in his rocking chair.) Well, sonny, back in my day, we didn’t have no fancy “wyfy” or wireless communication. We had internet, but it was slower than molasses on a tin pan in January, and you could only use it by forcing someone in the house to go without a phone.

Anywho, back in my day, if you wanted to play Pokémon with someone, you actually had to meet them IN PERSON and you had to link your Gamboy with his. Of course, this all hinges on you having another friend who played Pokemon.

That’s fine if you was a public school kid, but if yer was an introvert home-schooler like me, well, let’s just say you didn’t mind when Trainer Joey came a-calling you on his in-game cell phone to challenge you to a battle, even if he did bother you every other minute about how his Rattata was the highest-ranking of all other Ratattas. Poor boy didn’t know any better to realize that the highest-ranking Rattatta was akin to the sweetest-smelling shit: it’s quite the accomplishment, but not one people really care about.

This was one of the very first VGCat comics that I ever read, and it was the comic that got me hooked on the webcomic—that is, until I stopped reading it. In fact, I only started re-reading it after thinking about sharing this comic strip. Do people even read webcomics, anymore?

Anywho, this comic did raise questions about what Pokemon did while they were in their Pokeballs. Do you have to let them out, or are they are self-sustaining miniature environment that allows them to stay inside for long periods of time? Perhaps it’s best not to question a video game where 10-year-olds are allowed to leave home to embark on a perilous journey to train creatures that can literally kill them.

I know this is somewhat cheating, but technically, animation is art, right? So why wouldn’t an animated Pokémon music video, especially an awesome parody of Mulan with a hint of Digimon, count as fan art? Besides, as I just said, this is an awesome parody of Mulan with a hint of Digimon. How can you go wrong with that?

If anything, this music video perfectly encapsulates the frustration any player feels over level-grinding. I love pitting cute creatures against each other in brutal battles to the death. Making them level up just so I can defeat the next gym leader? Not so much.