Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

John Oliver Explains How Bail Is Fail

A few weeks ago, John Oliver explained how municipal violations can place Americans (mostly poor and minorities) into the f*** barrel. Recently, he shed some light on another aspect of our broken justice system that can also throw innocent Americans into the barrel: bail!

The Eighth Amendment prohibits excessive bail, so why are so many Americans forced to sit in jail, plead guilty for a crime they didn’t commit, or pay bail only to constantly look over their shoulders in fear that Dog the Bounty Hunter will pounce on them?

I guess the easy answer is that too many assume that such a predicament only happens to the most hardened and lowly of criminal scum and not Average Janes and Joes such as themselves. Perhaps if we had less Americans addicted to mind-rotting reality shows and more focused on, well, reality, we could see some serious reform.

(Never mind! Let's just watch the latest episode of The Briefcase and watch as poor people tear at each other’s throats in order to climb themselves out of poverty.)