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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pony Recap: Lost Treasure Of Griffonstone

94 episodes. It has been 94 episodes since we last saw Gilda the Griffin, and both the reunion and ulitmate resolution was more than worth the wait.

Not only did this episode further expand the world of Equestria (the griffins and their kingdom) by also expanded on the overall story arc.

Yes, it seems most of us were correct in assuming this season was going to be a magical maguffin quest--though interestingly enough, the maguffin in this episode didn't really play that big of a part.

That did make for a change of pace, as it taught that not all problems can be instantly resolved, especially with a magical maguffin, and sometimes, the only thing that one needs to bring about change is yourself.

Also, fledgling Gilda was super cute! I still hate her for treating Fluttershy like Squee!

Anyway, my further thoughts are below:

Considering her prehensile tongue, I'm convinced that Pinkie Pie is part Yoshi.

Seems like their cutie marks now serve as beepers. (Anyone remember what those are? Any pony?!)

Just the way that he plops over on himself and blinks finishes off this scene nicely.

Griffonstone looks more like a tree than a stone. Either way, the overall shape seems fitting for bird-like creatures such as the griffons.

Really love the medieval storybook art style. Makes the history seems even more, well, historical.

The Golden Idol of Boreas, eh? Sounds like one of the nine magical maguffins mentioned in the season premiere. I smell a continuing story arc.

So it seems as though the map is able to select specific members of the Mane 6 to venutre forth on its behalf. I wonder what magic is powering it. Is it sentient? Perhaps we'll learn later this season, probably during the season finale.

I'm not sure why Twilight doesn't go along on their journey anyway. Just because the map specifically picked out Dash and Pinkie doesn't mean Twilight couldn't come. It's clear Twilight wants to go, and it doesn't seem that Twilight has any "princess" duties to attend to, so what's preventing her from going?

I wonder if that candy cart had any chocolate frogs.

Rainbow Dash officially became 20 percent cooler!

Darn! The Cakes seem to pay Pinkie Pie well.

Why are they wearing Mongolian fur hats? I don't know. Why wouldn't they wear Mongolian fur hats?

I love Twilight's commentary. Something tells me that she writes reviews on Travelocity quite often.

To be fair, the kingdom looks much cleaner than most chicken coops.

Snake eyes.

94 episodes preparing for this reunion.

Gilda. Dash. Donkey! I mean, Pinkie!

So that's what Grunkle Stan would look like in the MLP universe. Why do I get a feeling that Discord is friends with a top-hat wearing Dorito?

Of course the greedy miser is only willing to give information in exchange for money.

Looks like Gilda has this spiel memorized to a T.

Something about this monster and art style is screaming Hellboy at me.

God just told him that "You shall not pass!"

So Griffonstone is a society without an overruling government where everything has fallen to ruin and where everyone is driven by greedy self-interest. This is what statists think a libertarian society looks like.

"Pony hero complex." Wow, the show is REALLY self-aware at this point.

Do you want a screencap for this pic? Got any bits?

"Maybe it's good that Twilight didn't come." Indeed. She became distraught over one library being destroyed. She doesn't need the heartache of seeing another one with the same fate.

Seeing a little bit of "Party of One" here.

LOL! The show has really become self-aware at this point.

No cake? The cake is a lie.

You really can't say that Gilda is being greedy here. It's not unrealistic for someone to expect compensation for their wares.

Sounds and looks like Griffon Scones are made out of cement,

"Do you Griffons care for anything other than bits?"
"Give me more bits and I'll answer that for you."

Yup, this is exactly what statists believe a libertarian society is like,

"These scones are missing one essential ingredient."
"Let me guess: friendship."
"No, baking powder."

Why is it that the strangest thing about that conversation to me is how someone can bake anything without baking powder. Does Gilda simply neglect to add it, or is there some sort of baking powder shortage in Griffonstone?

I derped.

Okay, I know that the griffons are self-centered a-holes who only care about bits, but you cannot convince me that someone would be greedy enough to leave someone injured to waste away in a ravine because they couldn't pay.

Somehow, I really like this shadow animation.

Pinkie Pie may be dense, but she wouldn't literally throw down an entire rope when she is asked to throw down a rope.

Looking at those scones, now I'm really hoping that Feast of Fiction makes a recipe for them.

Yeah, yeah, I admit: Baby Gilda is cute.

Bowling pin sound effect for the win.

Really? Pinkie Pie rarely thinks ahead, but she simply isn't this stupid.

Seems like the monster has seen better days.

Gilda must choose, but choose wisely.

You know, I'm actually relieved that the story didn't conclude by having everything magically returned to normal through the return of the magical maguffin. It shows that not all problems can have instant resolutions, and that some problems take time and effort to correct.

Pinkie Pie seems to know the secret to a good friendship: baked goods.

1960s commercial break!

And Gummy hasn't moved one inch since Pinkie left.