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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Shameless Plug Saturday: Stupid Bad Memes

Most of us have had this unfortunate experience: you’re scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed when you come across a meme—a stupid meme, a stupid bad meme!

Maybe it’s a display of uber-patriotism demanding that you sport a big boner for ‘murica or GTFO. Perhaps it’s a conspiracy theory about how 9/11 was an “inside job” by the “Illuminati” in order to establish the “NWO.” Or maybe it’s simply an insipid meme claiming that peppers have gender. (Yes, there are people stupid enough to believe that!)

Regardless, it’s a groan-worthy meme that makes you either want to facepalm at best, or ragequit and punch a hole through your computer screen at worst. At the very least, it makes you seriously consider “unfriending” that old high-school classmate whom you reluctantly accepted a “friend request” from.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to rebut the meme in question in a calm, rational manner without having to resort to telling the person who shared it to go play with themselves with a sharp knife? Fortunately, if the meme exists, then chances are it’s been rebutted by Supid Bad Memes.

Stupid Bad Memes, as the name implies, is a blog that takes a critical look at the memes that your old friend in high school or your elderly talk radio-listening grandma shares on their Facebook page—or in many cases, forwards though e-mail—and spread across the internet like a STD at a college frat party.

Whether the meme spreads conspiracy theories, uber-patriotism, religious piety, racist paranoia, just-plain misinformation, or even a good cause supported poorly, this blog shreds its insipid and unfounded claims with good old-fashioned critical thinking, and provides you with the intellectual ammo to rebut it if it ever shows its ugly mug on your social media feed—though actually rebutting it will most certainly cause you to become un-friended or un-followed by the person who shared it!

Now, granted, I don’t agree with everything this blog has to say, and I often find myself at odds with some if its political positions, but if anything, that only proves that even a working clocks has its own mechanical quirks and hiccups.

For a good example of how Stupid Bad Memes debunks, well, stupid bad memes, here’s a recent and relevant example:

Chances are that reading this especially egregious meme either made you break your nose face-palming or simply curl up in the fetal position to weep for humanity. (Or you may have actually agreed with it, in which case, you should do society a favor and play in traffic during rush hour.)

If you would like to see this meme torn a new one through an intellectual hiney-whooping, click here for the dissertation. (TL;DR: most examples of police brutality came a no fault to the victim, most of whom were breaking no law, or had broken a menial law not fitting of the brutality in question.)