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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Shameless Plug Saturday: WatcherOfThe2000s

Most 90s kids will argue that our decade was the best in animation, with the decade that immediately followed it being the worst. As Mr. Enter recently showed, that decade was a virtual animated wasteland. Johnny Test. Squirrel Boy. Cramp Twins. Nothing but bad cartoons for as far as they eyes could see, with this current decade being the life-saving oasis on the horizon.

However, as bad as that decade may have been for animation, it did have a few rare gems, and WatcherOfThe2000s is the reviewer who has dedicated himself to uncovering and sharing those rare gems.

As bad as most animated shows were during that dark decade, when shows were good, they were really good. It is these very shows that WatcherOfThe2000s highlights, with reviews of entire series (Teen Titans, Xaolin Showdown, Static Shock) and best episodes of good series (Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack). In fairness, he does reflect upon a few bad apples, with reviews of bad series and movies (Eragon and Dragonball Evolution), but otherwise, he maintains an optimistic demeanor by showcasing the good things that the decade has brought us--because no decade should only be remembered for the bad things it produced!

My first encounter with this reviewer was with his Top 10 Disturbing Nostalgic Moments video, and since then, I’ve kept a close eye on him. I especially enjoy his countdown videos. His most recent one counts down his Top 9 Hated Animated Nostalgic Characters:

By all means, give this guy a watch, and if you like what you see, subscribe to his channel. (He’s also on deviantART!)