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Monday, June 8, 2015

Texas Cop Story Worse Than You Thought

I had a chance to watch Tomorrowland yesterday. The movie had a very positive message about maintaining optimism over pessimism and how the future is determined by your own outlook on it. It even expressed a cute metaphor about how the two outlooks are akin to two wolves, and how the one that you feed is the one that wins in a battle over the other.

Admittedly, the story may not have been the best, as most reviews have already elucidated, but the message was a breath of fresh air from the apocalyptic doom-and-gloom typical of most futuristic movies. It really touched me and inspired me to become a bit more optimistic myself. As such, I really wanted to step away from my blog's usual cynical tone and focus on a more positive one. I really, really wanted to start expressing hope for humanity.

And yet the universe decided to throw a monkey wrench into my plans with current events, as usual.

By now, I’m sure most of you have seen the viral video of the Texas jerkcop pummeling a teenage girl to the ground and pointing a gun at unarmed teens:

That incident would be bad enough on its own, but what makes this even worse is how the whole ordeal was instigated by the girl’s racist asshat neighbors:
Tatiana Rose, who lives in the Craig Ranch neighborhood and hosted the party with her siblings, said a woman and man who live in the neighborhood showed up and called their friends “black f*ckers” and told them to return to their Section 8 housing.

The 19-year-old Rose said most of her friends who attended the party live in Craig Ranch — which sits along a golf course.

Rose said one of her younger brother’s friends — a white girl named Grace Stone — scolded the neighbors and told them it wasn’t right to use racial slurs.

“So then they started verbally abusing her, saying that she needs to do better for herself, cursing at her, and I’m saying, no that’s wrong – she’s 14, you should not say things like that to a 14-year-old,” Rose said.

She said the woman, who she identified as Kate, told her to go back to her government-assisted housing and smacked her in the face when she stuck up for the younger girl, and she said another woman also attacked her.

They called police, and white partygoers said the officers ignored them and chased, tackled, and pointed guns at black, Hispanic, or Arabic teens.
But of course, America is a post racial society. /s

Sigh. Sometimes I feel the universe is dead set against me becoming even a little less cynical about it.