Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

VGM Monday: Jungle Japes & DK Island Swing

Normally for this weekly feature, I share actual music from video games. This time around, I’ve decided to share a hip remix of a video game classic made with real instruments—all by one guy! Now that’s talent! (Click here to see more of his amazing talent in action!)

Donkey Kong Country would be my second favorite SNES childhood title—second only to Super Mario World, of course! The 3D graphics (or rather, almost 3D graphics) were an eye-popping renovation back in the 16-bit era that really captivated my elementary school wonders. It would only be a few years later until my mind was completely blown by real 3D with Super Mario 64.

Strangely enough, it seems that most older kids these days either grew up with a N64 or a PlayStation. (Pulls up grandpa pants and sits in rocking chair.) I tell yah, you kids are spoiled to have been raised on 3D graphics. Back in my day, we were easily amazed by 16-bit color, and I can only imagine that those who came before me felt the same about 8-bit.

3D rendering like that seen in DKC were rare as Rare, and we cherished every moment of it. Nowadays, you kids come to expect 3D graphics with your games, like how most people expect indoor plumbing with their houses. Though nowadays, most of these newfangled indie developers are reverting back to a 2D perspective. Not sure if that’s taking three steps backwards in order to go one step…ZZZZZZ!