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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Why Is Switzerland The Happiest Country?

Originally, I was going to make a parody of this insipid meme and spoof how Denmark claims to be "the happiest country in the world" while paradoxically having so many unhappy traits (high alcoholism, high anti-depressant use, high cancer rates, high suicide rates, high divorce rates), but after hearing about how Switzerland has displaced it as the new happiest country, I’ve decided to instead create this meme highlighting the Swiss and their successful “libertarian” policies. No big surprise that the new happiest country on earth has the freest people, both socially and economically.

Here are "9 Reasons Libertarians Should Love Switzerland" according to Corey Iacono from the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE):
1. Switzerland has the fourth-freest economy in the entire world and is only surpassed by Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand.

2. Considering that Switzerland has one of the most free-market economies on the planet, it’s no wonder the country has the ninth-highest per capita income in the world. Indeed, research suggests that the freer a market economy is, the faster it grows.

3. The Swiss have the third-highest median household income in the world, which means the median Swiss household is slightly richer than the median American household.

4. Switzerland has the fourth-lowest level of government spending as a share of the economy among the 34 OECD countries. (OECD refers to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, a group of developed countries.)

5. The Swiss have genuine federalism and decentralized government. Their central government is responsible for around 15 percent of total government spending, which is lower than that of any other OECD country.

6. The Swiss have a long history of armed neutrality and haven’t been involved in war since 1815. Switzerland is like a porcupine: it won’t bother you, but it would be a huge mistake to mess with it.

7. Switzerland has the fourth-highest gun ownership rate in the world. It also has the 11th-lowest homicide rate in the world (out of 195 countries).

8. Marijuana is decriminalized.

9. Switzerland is the third-happiest country in the world.