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Thursday, July 2, 2015

And Now The Good News #04

Over the past few years, gay marriage has quickly become legalized in states throughout the country, and though a few states have implemented bans, those bans were as quickly lifted as they were implemented. Now, just this week, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide. Now, any couple of the same sex is free to marry in whatever state they choose and recieve the same benefits as opposite sex couples. Though this is but a small step in the gay rights movement, it is a step forward nonetheless, as now consenting adults are free to marry the ones they love.

This story is but one of many stories of good news, be it good policy, good science, or overall good deeds. Other good news include the invention of hoverbikes and jetpacks, the banning of "revenge" porn, and 39 random acts of selfless good deeds as a birthday present for a little girl and her father. All of these stories and more should be enough to brighten your week:

Good Policy

Supreme Court Says You Can LEGALLY Tell Cops To Go ‘F’ Themselves (Counter Current News): "Cops would have you think it is a crime to disrespect a police officer in any way. Cussing them out or giving them the middle finger? Totally illegal… right? Well there is some great news for people who want to tell the cops to go “F” themselves, or use the “F-word” in any way against the police. The Washington State Supreme Court just ruled on Thursday that using such language against the police is completely protected by the First Amendment."

Google To Remove Revenge Porn Images From Search Results (Forbes): "Google  announced that it will honor requests from revenge porn victims to remove links to their images from search results. So-called revenge-porn is a term for nude or sexually explicit images that are posted without the consent of the person depicted, in some cases as retaliation for a relationship gone bad."

Rand Paul Becomes First Major-Party Candidate To Court Pot Donors (AP): "Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul courted donors from the new marijuana industry Tuesday, making the Kentucky senator the first major-party presidential candidate to publicly seek support from the legal weed business."

Good Science

The Military's New Hoverbikes Are Straight Out of 'Star Wars' (Policy Mic): "At the Paris Air Show this month, the United States Army announced a partnership with a company called Malloy Aeronautics that will develop a hoverbike for American soldiers. Naturally, it's cool as hell."

These Awesome Jetpacks Could Turn You Into Iron Man — And You Can Buy One Soon (Policy Mic): "New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Co. is making futuristic personal jetpacks a reality. Using a 200-horsepower engine, the jetpack allows for 30 minutes of flight time traveling at 45 mph with a top altitude of 3,000 feet. There's even a pretty serious abort system built in."

This Is the Planet-Saving 3-D Printed Supercar Tony Stark Would Drive (Policy Mic): "A San Francisco-based startup unveiled a 700-horsepower supercar that weighs only 1,400 pounds — less than half the weight of a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette. It's called the Blade. It has just one third of the emissions of an electric car, putting hybrids like the Prius to shame. And it can go from 0 to 60 in 2.2 seconds."

'Transparent' truck lets drivers see ahead of that big semi (AOL News): "Aren't sure if you can overtake that giant semi ahead of you because you can't see around it? What if you could see in front of it? Samsung's Safety Truck could revolutionize road safety and potentially save lives. The Safety Truck incorporates a built-in, wireless camera in the front that beams to 4 giant screens on the back to display its front view to cars behind it. With this vantage point, Samsung hopes you'll be able to make better decisions about whether you can actually overtake the truck."

New Smart Insulin Patch Could Be a ‘Game Changer’ (IFL Science): "For many who suffer from diabetes, insulin injections can be a painful and ‘imprecise’ process of keeping their blood sugar levels under control. A new ‘smart’ insulin patch could do away with these painful injections and revolutionize the way diabetics keep their blood sugar levels in check."

Scientists Are Working to Take Cyborg Technology to the Next Level (Policy Mic): "An Italian surgeon recruits medical professionals to work on the first ever full head transplant. A professor walks to his lab on two bionic legs to create new technologies that could eliminate disabilities. A blind man sees with the power of an electronic eye connected to his brain. All of these are possible through cyborg technology, traditionally defined as a way to enhance human capability by artificial means. This kind of restorative cyborg tech is enhancing people's lives by replacing natural human capabilities with artificial ones, reviving injured, disabled or sick people back to full health."

Laser Device can Diagnose Malaria in 20 Seconds (IFL Science): "Despite being a preventable and curable disease, a child dies in Africa every minute from malaria, contributing to a worldwide death toll of a staggering half a million individuals. But scientists are on the case, working on new control measures, treatments that tackle resistant parasites and even vaccines. And we may have another invaluable addition to the anti-malaria arsenal on the horizon, as researchers have just developed a rapid diagnostic test that doesn’t require even a single drop of blood."

Good Deeds

Dad and daughter perform 39 random acts of kindness to celebrate their birthdays (AOL News): "Birthdays are the one day of the year that you can be the center of attention and be showered with gifts from friends and family. But for one daddy-daughter duo, their birthdays were the perfect occasion to give back. Lee Beck and his daughter Amelie of Oxford, England decided they'd celebrate their May birthdays, his 32nd and her 7th, doing random acts of kindness -- 39 in total."

Homeless man turns down fundraising money (AOL News): "One homeless man's response to being offered thousands of dollars is getting quite a bit of social media attention...A fundraiser was set up to help the local hero and donations ended up totaling more than 5,000 Canadian dollars. He didn't take the money. Instead, he wrote a note requesting that the amount collected be donated to shelters instead."

Annapolis barbershop changes the lives of disadvantaged youth (AOL News): "One man in Annapolis, Maryland is changing the way the community looks at barbershops. At the Phoenix Academy, an alternative school for students with learning barriers, 30 percent of the students lack access to regular hygienic and grooming care. In an effort to make a change in the students' lives, Rob Cradle decided to convert one of the school's supply closets into a barbershop that provides free haircuts for the students."