Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, July 27, 2015

Can We End The Drug War Now?

Remember when the Nostalgia Critic riffed on drugs PSAs and the Cartoon-All Stars To The Rescue? Well, John Oliver momentarily played the role of the Critic by riffing on the exact same anti-drug hysteria and how they had an adverse effect of helping to facilitate mandatory minimums:

In all seriousness, even if you don’t think people should do drugs, can we at least agree that low-level pot dealers shouldn't receive the exact same sentence as would an airplane-hijacking child-raping terrorist, or that a junkie shouldn't receive life in prison for using three ounces of meth? Please tell me you have enough humanity to say "yes".

(Also, John, shame on you for making this a partisan issue and neglecting to mention how Democrat Bill Clinton was equally responsible for pushing these horrible mandatory minimum sentences as were his Republican predecessors!)