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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Police Misconduct Costs Taxpayers Big!

It always baffles me when fellow limited government “conservatives” scream bloody murder against “big gubmint” yet barely utter a whisper in response to police misconduct and brutality—if anything, they sing praises to the “proud men in blue”, especially when cops are caught red-handed killing unarmed citizens. Apparently, to these “conservatives”, “big gubmint” doesn’t include armed thugs playing the role of judge, jury, and executioner in the streets.

So you’re a “conservative” Republican who hates the government and yet has no problem with government agents using their state-sanctioned privilege of utilizing violence to shoot first and ask questions never at everything that casts a shadow, and that these government-sanctioned thugs should face no legal or social consequences for their reckless actions because “Murica, love it or leave it”?

Okay. Clearly I can’t appeal to your human decency. Perhaps I can appeal to something you actually value: your wallet! Turns out police brutality is expensive:
The cost of resolving police-misconduct cases has surged for big U.S. cities in recent years, even before the current wave of scrutiny faced by law-enforcement over tactics.

The 10 cities with the largest police departments paid out $248.7 million last year in settlements and court judgments in police-misconduct cases, up 48% from $168.3 million in 2010, according to data gathered by The Wall Street Journal through public-records requests.

Those cities collectively paid out $1.02 billion over those five years in such cases, which include alleged beatings, shootings and wrongful imprisonment. When claims related to car collisions, property damage and other police incidents are included, the total rose to more than $1.4 billion.
Not exactly a hard concept to grasp. Police shoot unarmed citizen dead. Family of victim sues the police department for misconduct. Regardless of whether the city wins or loses the lawsuit, they still have to pay the legal fees. They do this by delving into city budgets, and make up the difference by raising taxes.

In other words: police brutality = higher taxes.

Don’t like paying higher taxes? Demand police accountability.