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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dark Stallion And MLP/SU Recaps

A few announcements concerning my blog:

Major Hiatus Until September

Most of my main features (excluding Statist and Anarchist) will be held on hiatus until September. Basically, it’s to give me free time during the remainder of the summer so that I can catch up on other things.

Pony and SU Recaps

With that free time, I will be catching up with my Pony and SU Recaps. Now seems like the ideal time, as SU won’t start airing new episodes until next month, and MLP until later this year.

I’m going to focus mostly on SU with the new eps from the previous two Steven Bombs. As for MLP, I’m going to write full recaps only for “Amending Fences” and “Do Princesses Dream of Electric Sheep” as they are the most noteworthy in my opinion. Every other episode will receive a shorter mini-cap with a brief summary of my initial thoughts on them. The reason for that is that most of those episodes SUCKED and aren’t worth my time.

The Dark Stallion

Its been four whole months since I uploaded my most recent chapter for The Dark Stallion fanfic. I’m currently writing the next chapter, which I hope to release before the end of the month. I will have a preview tomorrow.

This fanfiction is something I’ve been wanting to complete for a long time, and now I plan on buckling down on it to see it completed. I expect to have it finished before the end of the year, though not guarantees can be made.

Also, I plan on uploading the remaining chapters to both my FimFicton and FanFiction accounts, as it’s been a while since I uploaded my chapters to either. I plan to upload chapters every Saturday. Here is the tentative schedule for those accounts:

08/12: Episode 05: I Can Be Strong. Train Me, Ninja Star.
08/15: Episode 06: Do I Wish To Remember? Searching For Sky Wind’s Lost Memories.
08/22: Episode 07: At Last, The Amulet Of Purity Located!
08/29: Episode 08: To The Grand Galloping Gala, Night Of Wonder!
09/05: Episode 09: The Gala Crashed! Princesses In Peril!
09/12: Episode 10: The Dark Stallion Returns! Elements of Harmony Unite.
09/21: Episode 11: Rescue From The Everfree Forest, Or The Escape From It?