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Sunday, August 30, 2015

SU Recap: Chille Tid

If there was one episode that best reflected the overall atmosphere of Steven Universe, it would be this one. One moment, we’re taking a light-hearted romp through Steven’s subconscious; the next, NIGHTMARE FUEL! We have Steven starring in his own black-and-white sitcom. LAPIS LAZULI WEEPS FOR YOUR SOUL. Pearl is watching Greg cross dress as Rose riding a pizza. JASPER IS ABOUT TO STANGLE STEVEN WITH HER BONDS. It’s light. It’s dark. It’s light again. It’s complex. It’s everything we love about this series.

"I don't get tired. I get results."

Well, as we learn later in this episode (or, as we already know so far in the series), gems don't require sleep, so they really shouldn't be able to get tired in the first place.

If Garnet is scouring the bottom of the sea, is there really any reason to endanger Steven by nearly drowning him?

Pearl: "It feels like we've been searching for light years."
Amethyst: "Uh, light years measure light, not years."

Doesn't matter. They're still 10,000 light years from taking on Brock!

Garnet's lecture on unstable fusion in a nutshell: anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.

"Sleep is a curse, and yet a curse that I need to live. Steven Universe."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Steven: "You guys look exhausted."
Garnet: "We look awesome."

That's so Garnet. Why do I get a feeling that's going to be a catch phrase?

Pearl: Fun. What is this "fun" you speak of?
Steven: Well--"F" is for friends who--
Garnet: Sorry, no time for a song!

Steven plays the part of the Pokemon professor offering the player their three choices of starter Pokemon.

Pearl should know how to sleep. She constantly watches Steven sleep like Edward watching Bella. (Wow, that was a creepy comparison!)

"Steven Universe was filmed before a live studio audience."

As many fans have already pointed out, this dream, aside from being filled with 60s sitcom whimsy, accurately reflects Steven's relationship with the gems. Pearl is the obsessive mother figure...

Amethyst is the rowdy older sibling...

And Garnet is the cool role model figure.

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Your nightmare fuel for the week! Good luck sleeping never!

Steven explains dreaming. And here I thought dreams were filmed by little people in your head like a movie. What about unicorn rainbow party dream? That was such a blockbuster! Wait, what was I talking about again?

I always questioned the premise of a movie based on a robot dog with a propeller on his back. Who would even watch such a movie. Then I remembered that one of the biggest movies this summer was about a man who could shrink and communicate with ants. Then I stopped questioning the premises of in-show movies.

Get. In. My. Bel-lah!

Wailmer used surf.

Gems don't require sleep, so they shouldn't be able to dream. And yet Pearl is able to dream. Do gems dream of electric sheep? No. They dream about their tubby wubby gemmy waifus!

Forget scary weeping Lapis. Pizza-vomiting Greg as Rose is ten times creepier!

I don't know how long in the show's time Lapis has been keeping Malachite down at the bottom of the ocean. I'm assuming days, weeks at most. The fact she has endured for this long without cracking speaking volumes of her endurance.

I've seen a lot of fans jump to Jasper's defense, claiming that Lapis has been cruel and unusual to her by keeping her imprisoned like this.

Um, no. Just no. I'm not going to explain how wrong that is, because someone else on Tumblr already explained that in detail.

TL;DR: Jasper is evil, and Lapis is in the right by detaining her.

Yeah, seriously, Lapis has been the one enduring the most pain and suffering in the show, and yet there are fans rushing to Jasper's defense. Just, wow.

"I may have some issues that I need to work."

Never has a character ever been so self-aware. How Steven hasn't seen a therapist after all the trauma he's endured within the series is beyond me. Ten year old boys shouldn't have to go through that sort of trauma.