Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Teen Titans Go! F*** Yourselves!

If cartoons were food, then the original Teen Titans would be filet minion, and Teen Titans Go! would be the end result of that otherwise gourmet meal if it were devoured by a college dropout stoner and painfully excreted through diarrhea and rectal bleeding following a binge on beer and pot.

It’s bad enough that TTG! is a crap show based on an otherwise quality cartoon, but what makes this excuse of a cartoon much worse is how the creators acknowledge that their show is bad, but excuse its overall badness by claiming that it’s only meant for kids. To paraphrase Mr. Enter, what they’re doing is wrong, they know it’s wrong, but they’re going to do it anyway because KIDS DON’T DESERVE GOOD THINGS!

The creators have gone so far as to create entire episodes with the expressed purpose of mocking their critics. They did this once with “Let’s Get Serious” (with the bigger slap in the face being that the episode was a crossover with Young Justice, the otherwise better show that this cartoon replaced), and they did it once more with their most recent episode “The Return of Slade”, which is the physical manifestation of the argument that people shouldn’t take their show too seriously because it was made for kids. Mr. Enter gives the low down smackdown:

You know what makes this episode even more sadly ironic? It aired on the exact same date that the Nostalgia Critic released his editorial about how kid shows are better now than ever because creators realize that their shows can be much more than just for kids. It’s quite shameful that the creators of TTG! don’t have that same level of respect as have the other creators of the better shows that share the same network.