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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

TTNTGTFO #0835: Internet Manbabies Upset Over The Ghostbusters Remake

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Can we at least wait until the movie has been released before we start lobbing rotten tomatoes at it? We don’t even have a teaser or a trailer yet. We only have a cast photo. That’s it! And yet somehow that’s reason enough for insecure man children to throw a collective temper tantrum over how the remake has “ruined” Ghostbusters.


Personally, I would have preferred to see a “Ghostbusters 3″, but with Harold Ramis having become a ghost himself, that’s simply out of the question. So we’re simply going to have to settle for a remake. Hey! At least the studio’s adding some “creative spin” to make it more than simply another remake.

And, yes, I don’t necessarily care for the idea of a gender-bent “Ghostbusters” myself, but not because I’m opposed to the ghosbusters being portrayed as women. I just think the whole “concept” is yet another example of Hollywood running out of ideas. Sorry, but changing a pre-existing character’s race or gender in order to be "creative" or "reach a broader demographic" seems as “creative” as painting the Mona Lisa with blond hair: sure, it’s “different”, but the change seems rather superfluous.

However, unlike other internet “dudebros”, I’m not going to cast judgement on the film until I've actually seen it—and yes, I am more than willing to watch it when it comes to theaters. I loved the original movie, and I’m somewhat (morbidly) curious to see where they go with this remake. (Though judging by previous movie remakes, it very well could flop. They tend to do that!)

And even if this remake does bomb (which, again, is a very good possibility), so what? Did the new “Ninja Turtles” movie flush the original down the toilet? Did the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake kill the original in its sleep? Did the new “Robocop” force the old one to say “Hasta La Vista”? (Wait, wrong robot movie!) No, no, and no. Even if the new movie sucks, the original will still be around for us to enjoy—and yet, we’re supposed to believe that the new remake is a "feminist conspiracy" to replace and “feminize” the old one? Again, really?

Look, even if you don’t care for the idea of the remake, could you at least abstain from throwing an internet shit storm when the new actresses visit cancer-ridden children in the hospital? Because doing that only makes yourselves look like a bag of dicks.