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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

TTN2GTFO #3647: The Absence Of Female Comic Book Character Movies

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Hey, did you see Ant Man? Wasn’t that movie so cheesy yet so good? Yet isn’t it odd that Marvel produced a movie about a man who shrinks down to microscopic levels and controls ants, yet they still haven’t made a movie about the female Avenger, Black Widow?

Also, have you heard that they’re remaking the Spiderman movies? Yes, they’re remaking them, again, after having already remade the movies only a few years ago. Isn’t it also odd that we’re going to have three theatrical adaptations of Spiderman, yet we still don’t have one adaptation of a Marvel superheroine like Ms. Marvel?

Yes, this is a question that everyone has asked, but it still bears asking again: where are all the female superhero movies? In no other time have comic book movies proven hugely successful, yet all of them to this point have been major sausage fests. So when are we going to see some hotdog rolls?

It’s not like there’s a shortage of female comic book characters for either Marvel or DC, so what’s the excuse for not having them take center stage on the big screen? Does Hollywood seriously believe that comic book fans won’t bother watching a movie without a male lead? Yes, why would any lonely pre-pubescent (or pre-pibescent-minded) young man want to watch a movie starring a strong yet voluptuous woman wearing skin-tight clothing and armor that reveals her curves—HELLO!

And don’t even bother telling me that movies with female leads aren’t profitable. Both Frozen and Hunger Games prove your argument flawed. If moviegoers are willing to pay money to watch a strong yet attractive young woman wielding her bow and arrow against a tyrannical government like the badass that she is, they’re more than willing to watch a female superhero.

Yes, previous superheroine movies like Supergirl and Electra were major box office flops. So was Daredevil. That didn’t stop Marvel from remaking that comic book franchise into a Netflix series. If Marvel can try again with Daredevil, why can’t the movie industry try again with female superheroes? The old saying goes, “if at first you don’t succeed: try, try, again”, not “don’t even bother trying again ever!”