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Monday, September 14, 2015

Pony Recap: Do Princesses Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Aside from offering yet another surreal journey into the subconscious world of dreams (while throwing in a bunch of references and cameos that were left out of Slice of Life), this episode adds yet another layer to Princess Luna’s character.

For the past five seasons, most fans have wondered how a mare such as herself can easily transform from evil Nightmare Moon to kindly Princess Luna. Surely, she would have a much tougher time transitioning back to her normal life. Surely, she would have some emotional and psychological struggles overcoming her former dark side.

And this episode shows just that.

Apparently, she had been so straddled with guilt over her past sins that she created an eldritch abomination just to punish her in her dreams for it—an abomination that inevitably spawned its own intention of, you guessed it, trying to take over Equestria. (Of course!) Seeing Luna come to terms with her former self and overcome what she used to be made for a rather entertaining, if not enlightening episode—but of course, most of us enjoyed it to the fan call-outs and references! (You just can’t beat Filthy Rich surfing on a wave of money!)

I was wondering why Luna was transforming into Nightmare Moon again, and why she would be in the old castle, and why the other ponies would be turning into their merchandise forms, but then we learn that it was all a dream.

Merchandise forms activate! Of course, this does raise the question of how the Mane Six will be using their new rainbow powers. Is it something that they can activate on a whim, or did its magic last for only that one episode? We'll just have to wait and see.

Looks like Princess Twilight is discussing only the most important of Princess business, like hairstyles, and their pets, and hairstyles for their pets. (Just like real Disney Princesses!)

Does Pinkie Pie's body produce pure adrenaline? How else is she able to remain perky enough with energy to perform cartwheels even after a night of lost sleep?

I take it Gummy doesn't care for dog meat. That must mean he isn't Korean.

And the reason that Spike wasn't affected by the nightmare monster is because...dragons are immune to pony magic monster?

Wow! That was fast, indeed. Dragon breath must be more instant that instant messaging.

Of course she didn't dream about Spike. Why would she dream about the most useless character in the show? (Kidding! Just kidding!)

This Tantabus monster seems the be the closest thing this series is going to get to an eldritch abomination.

Spike once again tries to prove that he isn't the most useless character by pretending to help. (Again, I'm only kidding.)

Pinkie Pie went from awake to sleep in less than ten seconds flat. Beat that, Rainbow Dash!

So in order to enter other ponies dreams, Luna has to create a literal link between her mind and that of the pony whom's dream she is entering. That raises so many questions about previous episodes. Did she do this for the Cutie Mark Crusaders? Did she have to break into their room and watch them as they sle--oh goodness, I'm getting Twilight flashbacks!

Rarity dreams of flying dresses. Okay, the most boring pony has the most boring dreams. If only something could happen to make this more exciting.

And there we go!

Of course the pink pony who defys real-world logic has a better handle on dream logic.

Oh no! The Tantabus transformed the cake into the talking chocolate cake from Timy Toon Adventures!

Why do I get the feeling that this evil Angel would treat Fluttershy better than real Angel?

I take it Applejack still hasn't gotten over losing her nearly prize-winning apple from Bats!

Rainbow Dash enjoys dreaming about kicking butts and taking names? What are the odds?

I can take the happy flowers with saccharine voices and diabetes-inducing eyes. Their singing to the melody of Barney the Dinosaur? Nah, bro! Just nah!

I wonder if bat books drink blood. Why would books need to drink blood? To use for their ink? Why would books need to eat anything. And now I realize that I am over analyzing a dream in a show for little girls.

Apparently, this Tantabus is only able to enter the dreams of ponies whom other ponies dream about. Not sure how that works.

The alicorn princess has a power that she is unsure about whether or not it will work? I take it it's going to work.

Gee, I wonder who would be dreaming about flying muffins? Vinyl Scratch, of course!

One fine day with a hoof and a purr,
A filly was born and it caused a little stir.
No blue buzzard, not a three-eyed frog.
Just a feline, canine, Lyra Bon Bon.
LyraBon. LyraBon.
Nothing in a world like a Lyra Bon Bon.

If you don't get that reference, you are not a 90s kid!

I would have been sure that Berry Punch would have been dreaming about swimming in a giant punch bowl, but I guess we've all been drunk enough to feel as though our head is flying away like a balloon.

I wonder if that tiny colt's name is Jerry.

If Maruice Sendak traded professions with Frank Lloyd Wright.

Donald Trumps solution for everything: throw money at it.

And now we come to the part of the episode where the writers throw in all of the reference that couldn't make it into Slice of Life:

The Flutterbat Returns.

Princess Big Mac is canon.

Hero Spike makes a comeback.

And he's riding Derpy.

I wonder if this is the superpower Trump wishes for? Boy, do real millionaires have bogus superpowers. At least comic millionaires like Wayne and Stark use their own money to make their own powers.

Scootaloo can fly, she can fly, she can fly.

Twilight's library and books return, with a vengeance!

And the other corny superhero returns.

Fluttershy has tamed the savage, bunny!

So the Tantabus was Luna's attempt as self-flagellation? Gee, most people simply go into BDSM. Now I'm imagining Luna with her own sex slave dungeon.

Nearly five seasons in, and even after fully integrating herself into Equestrian life, what with overseeing the dreams of her subject, it seems that Luna is still struggling with her past sins as Nightmare Moon. This is understandable. However, you thin she would have gotten over this by now after the Nightmare Rarity comic book arc. (But of course, the comics aren't canon!)

So the episode was resolved simply by thinking happy thoughts?

Luna is literally dreaming about sleeping. George Jetson would be jealous.