Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shameless Plug Saturday: Adorkable Rachel

Yes, I know today isn’t Saturday. It’s Tuesday. And you know what that means? A new episode of ABC's The Muppets! Have you seen their new series? Do you like it? Even if you don’t, you probably love the Muppet characters themselves. Who doesn’t love the Muppets? Everyone loves them. And if there’s one fan on the internet who absolutely loves them, it’s this week’s feature: Adorkable Rachel.

Consider Adorkable Rachel the Hyper Fangirl of the Muppets. Her entire channel contains more than a dozen videos with news, reviews, and opinions of everything Muppet-related. Currently, she’s releasing weekly vlogs on the new The Muppets episodes.

Perhaps her most impressive accomplishment has been her retrospective on the Muppet movies, with video reviews ranging from the initial Muppet Movie to the very recent Muppets Most Wanted. Every die-hard Henson fan needs to watch that retrospective—if not check out her channel. She has new content every week, so be sure to subscribe for the most sensational, celebration-al, muppet-ational channel on YouTube!