Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Shameless Plug Saturday: Doggans

Summer may be long over, but I can’t stop thinking about vacation. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with theme park reviewers. Maybe it’s because they serve as breathes of fresh air from the run-of-the-mill game and movie reviewers. Maybe it’s because I love theme parks, and thus love hearing other people geeking out over them. Either way, theme park reviewers are my newest obsession at the moment.

I would have used this post to feature Some Jerk With A Camera, but he’s a man who doesn’t need any promotion. Seriously! He has his content featured on Channel Awesome, Geekvision, and Mr. Coat And Friends. He doesn’t need any more publicity. The reviewer I have featured today, on the other hand, isn’t as well known, and could use the added publicity: Doggans.

Unlike Some Jerk, Doggans doesn’t focus his reviews solely on single rides and attractions. Instead, he has made massive retrospectives of entire theme parks, but mostly Disney World and other Florida theme parks. And while his videos may not have the same high-octane insanity as do Some Jerk’s, his tend to be somewhat more informative with a few quips (especially involving a certain animated mouse.) They’re sort of like theme park promotion videos, only with more witty commentary and snide remarks.

And, well, you know how I said I wasn’t going to feature Some Jerk? Well, that was partly false. I wasn’t going to feature one of his videos, but I am featuring a video that he’s co-reviewing with Doggans (and also Spazzmaster), and it’s one of his favorite theme park reviews on one of my favorite theme park attractions: Fantasmic!

You can watch Doggans on YouTube, as well as Geekvision and his personal website. He’s run out of theme park reviews for now (primarily because he ran out of theme parks), but he makes various other reviews and countdown lists.