Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Shameless Plug Saturday: Kid Camp 2014 “Dream Along With Mickey”

For these posts, I usually highlight underrated yet high quality content on the web. This time around, I’m showcasing something not-so high quality, but for good reason and cause.

This right here is an unofficial performance of “Dream Along With Mickey”, a live show that’s normally performed at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, and which is being performed here at what appears to be a church youth camp.

The entire performance is what you would come to expect from a local school or church working with volunteer child actors and on a shoestring budget. Even then, the choreography is rather superb from what’s normally expected from children, and the costumes aren’t all that half-bad either.

Obviously, the person who uploaded this to YouTube simply wanted to share what they considered to be a cute performance by the little kids at their church. They didn’t seem to expect the trolls, down votes, and nasty comments that such videos often attract. Of course, there are the usual comments lambasting how awful this is, but others have even outright accused this play of copyright infringement.

Guys, I’m sure most of you have had some level of involvement with school or church plays. Most of us were even children who participated in such pageantry. We should know by experience that these youth performances aren’t exactly Broadway or Hollywood quality. They’re being performed by little children, for Celestia’s sake! So people seriously need to stop taking stuff like this seriously and cut them some slack.

Yes, this is a cheesy production that pales in comparison to the official Disney World version, but who cares as long as the children performing and watching this are enjoying themselves? I know the internet is a judgmental place, but could we for once stop being so critical and just let little kids be kids?

I really would like to set things right with this video, and I want your help in doing so. Please be sure to watch it on YouTube, give it a thumbs up, and give it a good comment. It would make whoever shared this online feel better about themselves.